How to have the most PERFECT glowing tan (without the sun)

I am REALLY excited about this post.

I’m also just REALLY excited about life right now. The endorphins are really flowing after my sprint session this morning & I had a REALLY exciting interview this morning. eeeeeeeeeepppppp. ❤

Anyways, with Summer right around the corner I’m getting my fitness on with my shaping up for summer plan & TANNING. Specifically, spray tanning.

This post is going to be a FULL BLOWN TANNING 101 post. Excited yet?

Well you should be, because after YEARS of practice I have MASTERED spray tanning to where it looks perfect EVERY single time. Now I know what your thinking, spray tanning makes you orange, blotchy, crazy looking or whatever. Truth is, if you do it RIGHT & you make sure the solution you are being sprayed with is QUALITY, you come out looking like a BOMBSHELL straight from the island of Fiji & you can make it last WEEKS!

I’m here today to dish ALL my pre & post tips to help you achieve the BEST sunless color possible. Because it IS possible!

If you are a sun bunny like me you love being tan. Personally, I don’t like to BAKE in the sun for hours & hours for a tan that doesn’t even last that long. Anyone else?

I like the perfect balance of indoor tanning & spray tanning. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE it.

I indoor tan maybe 1-3 times a month in a high pressure matrix bed for only 12 minutes. I like a high pressure beds because you get color in 1-2 sessions. If I had to tan anymore than that I probably wouldn’t tan at all!

I spray tan nearly every single week.

I prefer a spray tan because it only takes about 5 minutes and I get the color I want every single time instantly. BEST INVENTION EVER.

The spray tan makes you muscles POP like insanely well giving you a lean looking physique. Basically your man will go nuts. ; )



This step is CRUCIAL. Showering is a must because after the spray tan you don’t want to shower until the next day, so just get that over with beforehand. Shaving is important because you don’t want to shave your arms/legs for a few days after the spray tan because shaving can take off the spray tan quicker. Also hairless skin absorbs the spray tan much better. Exfoliating your entire body is a major key in prepping for a spray tan because when you exfoliate you are taking off all dead & dry skin leaving fresh skin for the sunless solution to absorb and LAST easily.

I like to shower, shave & exfoliate just a few hours before my spray tan, the shorter the time between the shower and the spray the better!


In order to insure the BEST sunless tan you don’t want to put on ANY moisturizers, perfume, oil, etc before. You want fresh, clean, exfoliated skin– that’s it!

If I am spraying my face I make sure I don’t have any makeup on & lot’s of chap stick on my lips. Cracked or dry lips can look a little crazy after a spray tan so the more moisturized the better. If I am not spraying my face I put an extra hair net over my entire face.

Every spray tan machine is different.  My ALL TIME favorite spray tanning machine (& i’ve tried them all) is the PURA SUNLESS. The Pura sunless sprays you front and back evenly with a Prep/Prime spray which contains witch hazel (anti-inflammatory and fast drying properties), green tea (fights fine lines, wrinkles, and keeps skin soft), ginseng & gynostemma (which helps the tan last as long as possible) & it’s pH balancing to give the ULTIMATE even tan.

After it sprays you with the Prep it then DRIES you completely (!!!!!!!). Now this is where a lot of people go wrong when spray tanning. The drying process, because some hoo-ha thought that you are supposed to “PAT” yourself dry with a towel. Patting yourself dry after a spray tan just makes it blotchy. If you are a spray tanner that has to dry yourself off you should be towelling off like you just got out of the shower and rubbing everything in.

Forget that, the PURA SUNLESS dries everything perfectly in place so you don’t even have to worry one second about getting anything blotchy. When I step out of the pura I put my clothes back on & i’m out of there !

After the Pura preps and dries it’s time for COLOR.

The Pura has many different levels (1,2,3, sometimes 4). If you are someone who likes INSTANT color the pura can even add a bronze tint while the color develops. Incredible, right?

The Pura sunless solution is anti-oxidant rich blend of SEVEN natural colorants that enhance and darkens skin’s organic color & conceals imperfections. It’s a “color match blend” so it’s invisible upon application but develops over time to match each organic skin tone for a tone that will be perfect for each individual person. So the Pura doesn’t just SLAP on any old color,  it’s beautiful & natural so it looks different on EVERYONE. The solution also has aloe vera and witch hazel keeping skin looking clean, tight & moisturized.

After the solution has been sprayed it dries you off & you’re good to go!

🌞 You can find the Pura sunless at Amazing Tans if you are in the Sacramento area! 🌞

Post Spray Tan

In order to keep your spray tan lasting as LONG as possible it’s important to not shower until the following day if possible (it’s totally safe to shower 4-8 hours later but I’m obsessive and try to wait as LONG as possible). I refrain from shaving, using really hot water, & using anything other than my hand & soap to wash my body for at least 2 days after– this keeps my tan looking as fresh as possible.

My other HUGELY helpful tip that makes my tan last a week longer is using a tan extender with a hint of bronzer in it–using this once or twice a day extends the tan for a while. I also love to use coconut oil! The biggest tip is to keep your body EXTREMELY moisturized while having a spray tan, this insures that the tan will look it’s best and last an extra long time. However, make sure any moisturizer you use is a TAN EXTENDER (aloe vera, shea butter, sunflower seed & olive oil with a HINT of DHA are good ingredients to look for in a tan extender). Not just any old lotion will do here. I love the “CT Tan Extender with Bronzers” lotion because it is the same brand that the Pura sunless solution is made so it works really well with the tan.

For the whole video on where I show my spray tanning routine watch here:




How I’m getting ready for summer… super last minute | QUICK & EFFECTIVE


Suffering from a mini heart attack because May is in a week & bikini season is basically upon us. *GULP*

 I don’t know about you but i’m NOT LOOKING 100% bikini ready.

I’m sitting pretty heavy right now which makes me REALLY motivated to work my butt off for some real results. My tough area right now is my stomach so my goal is to tighten it up a lot.



Who’s with me?

Or maybe you are already shredded, ugh, of course you are– you fit babe!

If you haven’t shaped up quite how you want for the summer let’s share some tips on how we are doing so. 🙂

Beginning with :


I like to write on a big white blank sheet of paper my weekly goals. I love doing this because while writing it down it makes me feel like I’m really going to make sure I do it, it’s like a constant reminder to work towards the goals everyday. I even plan out what i’m going to post about! I also love writing down my goals because going back and checking it off the list feels bad ass.

On my list of goals right now I have my workout split, which is Mon-Sun workouts. I find writing down my weekly workouts oh-so-helpful because I feel like when I write my workouts down ahead of time I do all of the planning then so I can’t stress about it during the day, it’s almost like it’s pre paid for and now I have no choice but to follow through… win, win!

Monday: Gym for 45 minutes. High intensity intervals on treadmill (sprints) & strength training (Arms + Shoulders + Abs)

Tuesday: High intensity intervals on treadmill (sprints) & Yoga (full body stretch sequence)

Wednesday: Gym for 45 minutes. High intensity intervals on treadmill (sprints) & strength training (Glute/Hamstring focused + Abs)

Thursday: High intensity intervals on treadmill (sprints) & Yoga (full body stretch sequence)

Friday: Yoga Sculpt Class – FULL BODY WORKOUT (yoga + weights/strength training + cardio + ab workouts)

Saturday: Rest day if I’m feeling sore or very tired if not I take a yoga class


I’m incorporating a lot of cardio because it sheds fat REALLY fast for me and that’s exactly what I want to do.

I’m also incorporating a lot of ab workouts because my problem area is my stomach.

I’m not having as many sweets because of THIS amazing video I found on facebook that shocked me to the core.

Other than that my diet is staying fairly consistent to my meal prep videos and post I have shared recently.

In my latest youtube video I show what my sprint interval treadmill workouts look like, my current weight/physique, & some of my FAVORITE workouts– including: a brazilian butt workout, a great way to target your obliques & a quick 15 minute full body workout:

If you guys enjoyed make sure you subscribe to my channel, WEEKLY videos are being posted!



Bad Mood, Feeling Lost, Unmotivated, WTH IS GOING ON? The 2 choices that can help.


Isn’t it weird how one day you can be on cloud 9, happy, no care in the world, feeling so good & the next day or week you feel .. just.. sad, annoyed, weird, not ok, irrelevant, BAD.

It could even be the same DAY, maybe you feel good in the morning & that evening after a series of unfortunate events you find yourself bursting at the seams with all these awful feelings.

The worst part of it all, bad moods are the HARDEST damn things to get rid of.

You can be the most positive pie in the world, get in a bad funk and it takes 10 times longer to get out of than the good mood which just vanishes in SECONDS.


Weirdo moods happen to us ALL.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make anyone feel any better about it really… lol.

I wish I could tell you what to do in order to climb out of this weirdo mood/dark hole but I do not believe there is just one fix all answer because we are all soooooooo unique, ya know?

I battle with these moods everyday multiple times & I distract myself with things I love, probably like most of us do.

Weirdo moods & awful circumstances are going to happen to us all, I find it’s how I react to the mood that helps.

Don’t you think that a person who DWELLS in the awful stuff will keep it around longer?

Dwelling meaning: complaining, whining, stressing over, giving LOTS of their energy towards the bad mood/awful circumstance. Let’s just say if you do any of those things the bad mood is gonna stick around and enjoyyyyy the ride. No thanks.

I love to tell myself: I have 2 choices ALWAYS.

1) I can either think badly about everything going on or a person, complain, get sad, cry, be unhappy, think the world is gonna end, blah blah blah

or 2) I can pull up my big girl panties and deal with my problems like a bad ass b”tch.

How do I deal with my problems like a bad ass b”tch you ask? Well it depends on the situation.

Let’s sayyyy,

I’m lurking on social media, stumble across a girl with over 1 million followers, gorgeous, fit, successful, has everything I could ever want so I start to feel jealous, insecure, unhappy, and second guess my own goals. #UGLY

Once I feel the ugliness of this mood make its way through me I get OFF my phone, like almost hide it from myself & I look in the mirror or outside or take a walk. While looking in the mirror or whatever, I remind myself this is my ONE life, I need to be my best friend & #1 supporter or I don’t have stand a chance. Something about looking at myself in a mirror and feeding positive thoughts is INSANE , always gives me results, try it ! #WEIRD? 

Basically, be a #BADASS guuuurl, you got ONE life to live. Who’s to say you can’t have it all! Or a least a little!

Another situation where a dark mood gets me is when I question what i’m doing with my life.

Like, all of a sudden I’m thinking, “WHAT IF I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE? WHAT IF I FAIL? WHAT DO I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE?” Basically all of a sudden I start to feel like I may not have a clue as to where I want my life to go.


This mood can be surfaced through seeing other people graduate college, score really amazing jobs at a young age, have major goals, making way more $$ than me, etc etc etc.

When a type of mood like this hits me I ask myself questions like:

Am I happy & feel good about what I am doing right now at this point in my life (my job, school, living situation, hobbies, friends, etc)? Usually this answer is yes. If it wasn’t a yes I would know immediately I have some changes to make to lead me on a path that I need to be on. Because I know that if i’m not 100% happy and motivated with something I spend A LOT of my time doing I am draining myself of all creativity, leading me to a place where I know I wont be successful.

On the other hand, if I am happy / enjoying what I have/ enjoying life, I’m on my way to a WONDERFUL place. I just know it!

Next I ask,

Do I have goals? & am I doing anything to make them happen every single day?

YAS, YAS, & YAS is usually my answer. Because I have every day goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, life goals, but that is a whole new blog post. These goals keep me going every day– I enjoy pushing myself to make my dreams come true.


Sooooo ya,

maybe sometimes you have to do a lil pep talk and remind yourself that this is only a bad mood & you have MANY good moods ahead.

& maybe cherish those good moods A LOT MORE. Gratefulness has a way of slowing things down for you to enjoy more of it. ❤





Traveling tips, Workouts done in 10 mins & Enjoying the moment

Hi, me again. ; )

A few things I wanted to share today.

Starting with how I stay on track with my fitness routine while traveling. 

A little recap of the trip I had in South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island is here: 

It’s a total dream of mine to one day travel the world so I really have to step up my game when it comes to eating right & getting a sweat in while I have the luxury of traveling.

To be real with you, I am not completely on track while traveling. I don’t workout as much & I definitley eat more than I normally do (like check out my portion sizes on snapchat..eeekkk).

The weird thing is, I look & feel great!? (Ok maybe a few extra LB’s) For the most part, just the same as I would feel if I was dieting and working normal back at home.

I think it’s because i’m HAPPY & enjoying every moment. Remembering to enjoy life in each moment is a huge fitness tip that i’m working on & I see RESULTS !

I could never spend my life stressing about fitness, no thanks, I don’t want it to become a chore. BORING!

I do make working out a priority to get a sweat in at least 3 days a week no matter what. Just for my sanity. If I don’t workout I’m kind of a beezy. Sorry grams!

While in Hilton Head Island, S.C. I did a cross fit class two times & a quick 30 minute workout in my aunts back yard (which is included in my vlog above/ youtube channel) & that’s all!

I just make sure I take care of my body.

When it comes to eating I’m not able to have my coffee creamer every morning (boo hoo ); ) & I am unfortunately having a bit more carbs & salt than normal but I’m enjoying it.

Now if I ate like this more I would not feel well, which is why moderation IS in fact key.

How I survive traveling:

  • Enjoy the moment!!! Enjoy life!!!!
  • Don’t Stress About A Few Extra Pounds
  • Workout whenever you can
  • Drink Water more than Alcohol


& most importantly,

try your hardest to keeep a good attitude.



Crossfit Workout | Living it up on the East Coast


LOVING the East Coast.

Living it up on Hilton Head Island this week, 0 complaints.

Typing right now is a bit of a struggle because my chest is THAT sore from a Crossfit class I did (not a complaint because I enjoy being sore!)… Yep, you heard me, I did CROSSFIT. 🙂

I’m visiting my aunt and she is a Crossfit fein so I decided to go to her local gym & try it for myself. & well, I’M IN LOVE.

Crossfit is my jam! The workouts are all high intensity and the quicker the better.

If you follow me on snapchat you saw I was the onlyyyyy girl in the class, benchpressing with the guys & I kicked their butt when it came to the walking lunges! muhuhaha.

So basically you are done in 10 minutes, dripping sweat & feeling like a BEAST. I LOVED it.

Today I wasn’t able to make it to a class because i was awfully busy, ya knowww, layin’ out… 😉


However that was no excuse to not get a sweat in.

I hear over & over again, “What do I do if I don’t have any time to workout?”


No one has time to workout.

We make time for it.

I love working out anywhere,

especially at home, outside, a yoga class, cross fit, dance, going for a walk, hike, bike ride, swim, at a park, you get it.

“Working out” does not mean going to the gym for an hour.

Ew, who really wants to do that EVERYDAY?

Keep it spicy, switch things up, make it ENJOYABLE.

Think about how goooood you feel afterwards.

Today I had a Crossfit inspired workout out by the pool because i’m on a real kick from it.

I warmed up for 5 minutes with body weight squats, jump squats, burpees & lunges. Once I was sweaty I got ready to WORK.

ALL I did was: Bulgarian split squats (one foot on bench, one foot on ground, & lunge) for 30 reps on each leg, push ups for 12 reps, & squat to side shuffle to squat again for 20 reps, I did this circuit for 10 minutes with no rest between each exercis (I only got through 2 of each exercise) & then I was done!

How easy is that?

I was dripping in sweat (as seen on snapchat) & felt GREAT.

So, who doesn’t have time to workout?

Think again, muchacho!

Much love,


( i’ll be over here with my detox drink if ya need me!;) )



What you eat, how much you move around, the thoughts you think- it all shines through your pores.

I really am not a fan of caking on the makeup.

I strive to keep my skin healthy looking without makeup as much as possible. I do this by drinking water, detox drinks, healthy foods, working out and thinking healthy thoughts.

I keep it real simple (& cheap).

Since quite a few voted to see a skin care routine on twitter I HAD to write one up.
So here we go…

I take my makeup off with 100% pure GRAPESEED OIL for skin, cleanse my face with a burts bees face cleansing oil & I moisturize with ROSEHIP oil. THAT’S it! So simple. I don’t use coconut oil on my face because it clogs pores according to multiple estheticians. However I still lather coconut oil EVERYWHERE else. ❤

When it comes to makeup I also keep it VERY simple and use affordable products (except for the products that last me YEARS).

Before ANYTHING I wash my face with Burts Bees cleansing oil and moisturize with rose hip oil, let dry, put some sunscreen, let dry, and then prime with Makeup forever step 1 primer (expensive , but lasts a YEAR for me).
I’m using the Loreal pro glow foundation and LOVING IT. I put it on like a moisturizer , it really tints my face with a nice tan and I LOVE looking tan! 😅

To really make the eyes glow I mix concealer with a liquid highlighter to really POP the eyes! It works like a CHARM.

I will set my eyes with a LIGHT powder  and my face with a darker podwer. I also bronze my cheeks, forehead, and underneath my lips.
Once I fill in my eyebrows I will highlight underneath the arch of my eyebrow and around my tear duct to also give another glow effect. I love this eyebrow pencil because it has a brow pencil and a highlighting pen.
Another way to pop your eyes is to make sure you have a BALLER mascara. And let me save you the hunt of a million by showing you THIS one (7 bucks!!!!!).

The primer + the blackest mascara really helps pop my eyes (of course with a good eyelash curl before).

I also love to highlight my cheekbones and nose with Jaclyn Hill + Becca cosmetics Champagne pop ! Highlighting above my lips really helps brighten everything as well.

To insure that my makeup stays all day long even when i’m sweating profusely I set everything with makeupforever setting powder. IT WORKS.

Alright alright alright, LAST step is making sure your lips are moisturized!!

Dry , untouched lips can make or break the whole look. So even if you are just adding some chapstick- DO IT. It will brighten everything. It’s like the final touch. I love hanalei chapstick and Anastasia Liquid lip “Crush”.

Any other questions should be answered in this video as well.

Thank you SO much for reading & watching. ❤

Motivation for you babes!

Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia airport (one of the busiest ones I feel?), where the wifi sucks and the flights just keeeeeeeeeep delaying…

Anyways, sitting here on floor trying to get a charge in while I wait for my next flight. 

My grandma (who is a total HOOT & if you aren’t following me on snapchat to meet her you ought to do so right this very moment) & I our on the way to South Carolina to catch up with family I haven’t seen in YEARS & meet a new baby girl to add to the list of family members. ❤ CAN’T WAIT!

During our 5 hour flight over to Atlanta I managed to read the whole book , “The Psychology of Success” by Alison & David Price. Basically one of those self help books that remind you that YOU CAN DO ANYYYYTHINGGGGGGG, blah, blah, blah. Ya know?

Well, a few parts in the book I found very interesting & started to write them down. There were multiple parts where it prompted you to write down goals, think about the people in your life and how they affect you & a great amount of stories & quotes from successful people from JK Rowling to people who have been on shows like the X factor.

What really made me think is when the book asked to write down 5 of the people you spend the most time with/your biggest influencers and asked you to rate them on a scale of 1-10 on how happy they are in their own life & how supportive they are of you.

Then followed this story:

“One day a bunch of tiny frogs decided to run (or hop) a race. The aim of the race was the be the first frog to reach the top of a very tall tower. A large group of spectators gathered to watch the group of frogs.

The race began & the eager frogs raced to the top. One by one the exhausted frogs began to drop out of the race.

The crowd were yelling, ‘You haven’t got a hope! You’ll never make it!’. 

The last few frogs in the race kept going, much to the crowds disbelief. 

‘It’s impossible, you’ll never make it!’.

Finally, all but one frog had given up.

The astonished crowd rushed to the frog, asking how on earth he did it.

It turned out, the winning frog was deaf.”

This story about frogs was obviously silly but once I read it I started to understand every success story that much more & I had to share.

If you have people in your life who are unhappy in their own life and aren’t cheering you on or even putting you down, DON’T YOU DARE LISTEN TO THEM !

Your life is not long enough to afford people like that.

Stephen King (you know that insanely awesome author who has over 300 million books sold!!?) threw out his first novel “Carrie” in the TRASH and his wife got it out and encouraged him to publish it. So he did so & the novel he created made his first big fortune, enough to quit his day job & continue creating what he loves. WE ALL NEED THAT PEOPLE LIKE THAT IN OUR LIFE !


Ask yourself…

Who in your life is holding you back from acheiving your goals? Think about distancing yourself from them…


Who is helping you acheive your goals? Keep them close.

I’ve talked about how important the people you have it your life are here as well !

& I probably wont ever stop talkin’ about it- it’s IMPORTANT. 




How to build a booty, Tone legs, & perfect FORM

I like big butts & I can not lie.

Is it the Kardashian’s that started the big booty trend?

The past few years I’ve realized how appealing a nice, plump, round booty is!

Is it just me?

It looks healthy & attractive! Sorry bout it.

Sad news is, my glutes is where I have STRUGGLED.

I started with a FLAT FLAT FLATTTTTTTTT butt.


(Circa 2011)

&& throughout the years it has been HARD to grow the peach (aka butt).

Just this last year (2017) I have started to notice the peach looking perkier and tighter.

Every girls dream right?

I am not just talking glutes, I am also speaking about LEGS. My legs have gotten super muscular as well and along with the peach grows too!!

So today I am sharing my BEST booty & leg workouts that hit EVERYTHING (inner & outer thighs, gluteus maximus, gluteus minnimus & gluteus medius, hamstrings, quads & calves).

🍑 Favorite BOOTY workouts: 🍑

•BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUATS – I owe a LOT of booty credit to this workout.

1 leg on bench 1 leg on ground, dumbbells are optional, bend into a lunge and shoot up for as many reps as possible.


the best booty workout! this is amazing for ROUNDING of the booty. squat down, lean on a bench or lie on the floor, weight is optional, lift hips high & squeeze glutes tight tight TIGHT.
•SQUATS – squats are NOT the #1 booty building exercise (thank god) but they are great for your all over leg!

I honestly think jump squats are more effective than reg squats for building the booty because you are also getting cardio in at the same time which is super slimming ;)….

When your form sucks you wont see any gains so make sure your knees aren’t going past your toes, you’re squeezing your core and glutes and BREATHING. When squeezing the glutes make sure not to squeeze so much that you OVER ARCH your back (big mistake). I do not lift heavy here because my form is more important! Do you though, boo 😋

•LUNGES – I like to do jumping lunges (get a lil cardio workout in mhmmm) or weighted walking lunges. I either warm up with lunges or end.

•DEADLIFTS – Deadlifts are a LEG workout more than a back workout. So until you feel it in your legs / hammies / & glutes more than your back you are doing it RIGHT. I’m doing light weight lunges in the video to showcase FORM.

Back is very straight/tabletop like, knees are bent a little, legs are about hip distance apart, and i’m squeezing my glutes when I come up, still keeping a straightness in my back (not curving).

My goal when thinking of how many reps to do in each exercise is to make the last 2-3 reps REALLY hard. As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, “It’s the last 3 or 4 reps that makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they”ll go through the pain no matter what happens”. If that quote doesn’t make you go for another 3 reps when you are dying I’m not sure what will!!

Practicing YOGA of all things has really helped me shape my booty as well. In yoga you stretch EVERYTHING and can workout muscle groups you never do. After practicing yoga for a few months I’ve noticed my butt really tightening and rounding. I love a good yoga SCULPT class (yoga + weights + cardio) as well– it has a pilates feel and every time I go to a class I feel muscles sore that i’ve never felt before! Plus a class is so much more motivating than hitting the gym alone sometimes because I like learning things from the teachers, having the support of the whole class & listening to LOUD upbeat music.

I have my whole life to build up my booty so I’m not getting down on myself because I’m not where I want to be. Your body changing takes a LONG time, consistency in your workouts, healthy food to fuel & build and PATIENCE.

A round & muscular booty takes time.

Follow along on my workout here, let me know how it goes!

Healthy Snacking, Grocery shopping, Meal prep, oh my!

Ok so I have said it before and I will say it again & again- whether you are smashing your fitness goals or not, it has almost everything to do with what you eat.

Once I started to get serious about my snacking & meal prepping I saw results in my body & energy levels.

What you eat starts with what you BUY from the store. How do you meal prep and shop?

What you eat is what fuels every living cell in your body.

So let’s say you have some beer and a big mac, an hour later that low nutrient filled garbage is swimming in your veins and causing you to have a bad mood… ISN’T IT?! CRAZY.

I always say… once you eat healthy, ya never go back 😉

Once you feel how energized and yummy you feel after healthy snacks, drinking enough water, eating right you just can’t go back to your old ways, especially when you get hangovers from hell, like me. Your skin gets very clear too! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN.

If you don’t like the way something tastes there will always be something else to try so don’t be so closed minded.

I started with just giving up soda, now 5 years later I can’t even drink normal soda because it doesn’t taste good. My body knows what it needs and i’ve trained my mind to like it too.

Of course I have dessert, almost every single night, but all things in moderation.

It’s a lifestyle! Spend your whole life learning what works for you.

How do you snack?!



My favorite way to workout


Ate too many cookies and drank a few too many Stella’s this weekend. I could barely make it through my yoga class today.. Feeling a little “food hungover” if you know what I mean…

Does anyone else feel AWFUL when they eat/drink badly?

The slutty brownie (cookie dough, oreo, and brownie all in one) is what really got to me & I felt it big time in yoga, like I almost passed out! It was gnarly.

Thankfully I made it through my yoga class with my beer belly & all but it reminded me of why I live like a fit babe the remainder of my life because I feel 100%!

My body is SO sensitive. Like, I get hangovers from hell when I drink alcohol or eat highly processed foods. I think it’s because my body is so used to good foods majority of the time, anyone else feel this way or am I alone??

Anyways, now i’m eating an RX bar (best protein , no BS bar on the planet) and slowly getting rid of this hangover from hell. ; )


I had my park workout with Amanda & had a couple girls show up (THANK YOU SO MUCH HANNAH & MANDY).

Mostly, thank you to Pilates instructor & family, Amanda , for putting on such an awesome workout for us girls for FREE!!!!!!!!!

I picked up some fabulous workouts to use in the future and got a major sweat on. My favorite way to workout is outside with friends so I personally had the best time!

I would love to do more park workouts in the future with whoever wants to join.


If you couldn’t make it, not to worry, I filmed the whole thing so you can try at home yourself & also included some insight from Amanda on why pilates is SOOOO good for you.

❤ Thank you for reading! ❤

&& don’t forget you can still enter my GIVEAWAY for a few more days! I’m giving away a full box of Axio, all you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to my channel & tell me what you want to see next !! I am posting videos WEEKLY!

Speaking of…

you will find the pilates park workout below:

(Get ready to screenshot so you can refer back when you do the workout yourself)