Hi I am Amanda and i’m addicted to working out… yep I am a gym junkie. Going to the gym, the track, the park, or wherever I can to get a workout in is something I have to do for myself. Cardio and weight lifting does NOT have to be boring. In fact, it is the greatest thing ever! With todays day and age we are so lucky with the abundance of workouts at your fingertips. Youtube, instagram, magazines, google, etc you can find so many workouts for every part of the body. (I will share some of my FAVORITE workout videos & inspirations below)

However, I have NOT always been this way. It’s actually taken nearly 3 years to be confident in my own skin and LOVE working out so much that I have no problem working out 5 days a week and challenging myself month after month by changing up my regime! (Which I would LOVE to share)


Looking good from exercise is honestly just a perk (a fabulous perk). Raising our heart rate and pushing ourself to the limit helps our bodies work to their potential and keep us living a much healthier life. When we work out we release endorphins that make us FEEL great as well. We make better choices, think happier thoughts, and create a better life for ourselves when we feel good and look good. Every cell in our body has a job to keep us doing what we do everyday and if we feed ourselves with the right food, enough water, and a good amount exercise our bodies can keep us healthy for much longer than it could without these healthy habits. & Who doesn’t love looking hot naked?

I see it this way: We have one body for this short time here on earth and without keeping it in tip top shape we can’t do all the amazing things we are meant to do! Our bodies are the most brilliant miracle to understand and it’s our own job to take care of them.


Fitness is the condition of being physically fit & healthy. Biologically, it is an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment. So this means that without taking the proper care of ourselves we can cut our lifespan dramatically.

I could not imagine not feeling good all the time. And don’t get me wrong, I feel so much for people who spend their whole lives very ill with not much choice… For those of us who are lucky enough to have a choice on how we want to spend our lives, whether it be in good health or not I believe it is very important that we choose health and protect ourselves. When we take care of ourselves we pass on good examples for the generations to come. In 2016 we live in a very easy world. With cell phones, tv, and the internet it is easy to distract ourselves for hours and pass by a huge part of our day we could have spent being productive and making ourself or others feel good. Everything is easy and it is only getting easier… our bodies NOT meant to be lazy! Let’s get up and move.

Exercise has many benefits: it reduces stress, improves attention and memory, restores mental energy and stamina, increases longevity, and strengthens our bones, heart and skin.

I blame feeling good on eating nutritious foods and working out AT LEAST 3 days a week. Working out does not have to mean go to the gym for 2 hours and sweat as much as possible. Working out is just staying active versus sedentary! This can mean taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away and walking that extra hundred steps, take your dog for a walk, or take a run! Just find something you love and works for you. Raising your heart rate for 20-30 minutes a day 3-4 days a week can and WILL help your life and body change in the best of ways.

Thankfully, I have always loved to be active! Cheerleading happened to be my way of staying active during my childhood and high school. After high school (only about 3 years ago), I fell in love with lifting weights and going hard in the gym. I know that is not for everyone but unless you’ve tried you’ll really never know. 🙂 I’ve learned over the years that it takes a while for the body to show the hard work you put in day after day week after week but that’s just because our bodies focus on the important stuff first, which is, making sure our insides are doing their part. And in order for the body to really change we have to confuse our muscles or shock them. Which means, doing the SAME workout over and over again for months is not going to do anything! In order to really shock your muscles you must change up your regime and turn it up a notch week after week. After months to years of persistence and lifestyle changes you will see the hard work pay off. Our bodies work so hard to keep us going and when we keep our minds in tune with our body we can really help ourselves.


Surrounding yourself with friends who have healthy habits is also KEY to staying motivated. If you find your besties are couch potatoes then you probably wont be much different! If that’s the case I highly recommend getting out there to a gym, workout classes, or outside active groups and find people with a like mindset which can help you reach your goals.

If you are in college: there are workout courses you can take that help teach you all the basics of working out and it’s probably a lot cheaper than hiring a trainer at a local gym but that is of course something to check out for yourself.

Find what you love to do in order to stay active and keep at it. There is nothing better than feeling & looking great! I would LOVE to hear what you do to stay active!

Please comment below how you stay active 🙂





MY FAVORITE WORKOUT SITES: (she has a free youtube channel as well where she posts free workouts)







  1. KD says:

    I definitely love working out. I completely agree with much, if not all, of what you’ve said. If you’re not being proactive, you’re robbing yourself of many amazing benefits. Exercise is a key component of physical and mental health. If it was for you, I don’t think I would have ever given weights a second thought! Love ya 😚


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