I know we have all thought “I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow” or “I’ll just sleep in today and gym later”. How often is it that you actually end up procrastinating as long as possible? OFTEN, right? These excuses or promises we make to ourselves are usually just trickery…yes we literally manipulate OURSELVES. We are smart like that.

Usually, the times where we really really don’t feel like doing something are the times we actually need whatever it is we are procrastinating on the most. If we ONLY did all of the things we “don’t feel like doing” we would have all the success in the world! Well let me teach you how to start doing those things. Drum roll please! Let me introduce to you the NEW 5 second rule (and no we aren’t talkin’ food on the floor anymore). Thanks to the brilliant Mel Robbins–TV host, life coach, author, motivational speaker, and mother–I came across something that changed my life forever:

The 5 Second Rule

From the SECOND a thought pops into your mind “Oh I should go to the gym” , “I should go on a run” or “I should walk my dog” you have FIVE SECONDS to take action or else you will lose it. After the 5 seconds you have the thought and you do not take action your brain will rush in and flood you with excuses that really don’t make any sense if you think about it later on. In order for you to never excuse yourself from a good workout, train yourself so once you think of the idea you immediately start to get ready or do something that will POSITIVELY effect your route to the gym (or wherever it is you workout)! Easy, right? Maybe not right away for some people but once you fight those excuses you will find yourself with more success & that should be motivation enough. This rule applies to any and every thought you have!

Like I said in my earlier blog post, even 30 minutes of exercise can change your health in a positive way and I think we can all find time for a quick sweat!

If you find yourself with a schedule crammed with task after task all day you might want to ask yourself if you are taking on too much. We sometimes forget we are just human and enjoying life should be the main focus everyday. If you are someone who works full time to support yourself and or a family and can’t find enough time for yourself, first of all, MAD props to you. YOU ROCK! Second, you deserve to find time for yourself and your health. This goes for everyone! I think people don’t realize or want to make the effort in making time for exercise. Bring your gym stuff with you so you can head over for a workout when you have an extra hour to spare, invest in small equipment (resistance bands, ankle weights, etc.) to bring with you while you travel, take more walks, and wake up earlier! You will find yourself with more energy to go on with your long days when you keep yourself active.


Wherever you are or wherever you can get that body movin’! 

Also, please let me know other things you guys do to keep your excuses in check. I would love love love to hear! 





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