Rushing through your workout might be the reason why you are not seeing any results. I don’t know where the idea that the faster and longer your workout is the better but–and especially for beginners–it’s WRONG and can potentially cause an awful injury. Rushing through anything in life doesn’t usually get us the best results & this is due to our poor concentration on the task at hand. While working out if we aren’t focused on our muscles and body it is effecting everything in a bad way. When rushing or thinking of other things during exercise you are poorly focusing your attention on the big picture which causes lack of quality in 1) your thought life and 2) the form of your workout routine and energy that goes into it. Every rapid, incomplete, and poor quality shift of thought is like making a milkshake with your brain cells and neurochemicals. I am saying that it is so important to make sure your movements are perfect before moving on to a faster pace while exercising.

Being aware of your MIND MUSCLE CONNECTION is the absolute KEY in insuring you are getting a good workout and on your way to getting quality results. Being aware of mind muscle connection looks like this: while doing a workout you are thinking of what the workout is contracting and taking it SLOW until you have mastered the form  and contraction of the muscle(s). The workouts you are doing should be slow, controlled, and very much thought through the entire time (Of course the more reps you have down the faster you can & should go).  The reason this works is because when your movements are slow and controlled your form will be correct and you have more time to FEEL how your body is reacting to what you are doing– you can check to make sure nothing is causing you pain and if something is you have time to fix it and move on.


It’s so important to check in with your body during a workout. We have our whole lives to workout & we don’t want to hurt our muscles by rushing into things we aren’t ready for. Injuries are very easy to get when you are weight lifting or moving your body in slightly the wrong way. Rushing through a workout doesn’t give you the time to know how you look and feel. Taking workouts slow and controlled and really focusing on your form before getting really into any workout is a really good idea. For example, I like to focus on my form with no weight at all before adding weight and when I do this I create more controlled motions when I am lifting heavy which gives me more energy to go on and i’m WAY more sore than I would have been if I rushed through the movement. Also, mirrors in the gym are such a blessing because you can actually see what you look like and it is easy to catch a bad move. This is a good time to check yourself out 😉

The most amazing thing about this topic of taking your workout more slow is that you can put this towards anything you are thinking about. Our generation is all about multitasking, “I have to do this then this then this and this” it’s almost like a “hurry sickness” and obsessive time management. 

Some advice from me to you: It is important to devote focused attention to one specific activity, task, or piece of information. I think our generation is obsessed with taking in so much information and tasks at once because of our fast-pased internet crazed culture. ❤



“Our brain responds with healthy patterns, circuits, and neurochemicals when we think deeply, but not when we skim only the surface of multiple peices of information” -Dr.Caroline Leaf.

Don’t be a milkshake multi-tasker!

Please comment and let me know if you have any questions or want me to go broader on this subject! Also, let me know what you do to keep your form SPOT ON. ❤




  1. kelseyadillon says:

    When in the middle of an exercise, I am thinking of form and concentrating on the muscle group I am working out. Just like you said. I find I end up having a better outcome if I exercise using the mind-body connection theory opposed to without.

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