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I have some great stuff to talk about today. This is actually a topic I am pretty upset with myself for not figuring out earlier because it changed my life  & it changed my body quickly. So maybe I can save you some time and share with you my secret weapon to staying fit and getting in QUICK workouts ANYTIME & ANYWHERE.

Quality, effective, quick 30 minute workouts can save your life for many different reasons. First, who doesn’t have 30 mins to workout? A 30 minute workout is the PERFECT amount of time for someone who doesn’t have a lot of extra time to spare. Now you really have no excuse… he he he. Second, not ONLY is this workout quick to finish but it is the one of the FASTEST in getting results. Reason being is because these 30 minute workouts require you to push yourself and minimal to NO rest. Are you getting turned off now? Do not stray child!! These workouts are FUN and get your whole body moving which actually makes it hard to all of a sudden stop and rest for large periods of time. Plus, we are in a rush remember? So pretend you have a drill sargent yelling at you to hurry up during these workouts orrrr maybe just listen to some really great up beat music 😉 (Zhu Pandora station should do it)

I mentioned in my previous blog post the importance of being slow and controlled while weight lifting. So don’t confuse this type of workout I am about to introduce with weight lifting. These 30 minute workouts require very little to no weight at all. This is mostly going to be body weight work and requires you to move quickly. In order to burn a mass amount of calories in a short time period you have to be moving quick and keeping the heart rate up the entire time. Doesn’t this sound super fun? Ok now on to the good stuff…

PLYOMETRIC TRAINING! Yippee! Thanks to my best friend and her insanely athletic boyfriend who do this on the reg, I decided to try it myself and see if it would benefit me like it does to them… UM, wow. I swear in a week my stomach was bikini ready! YES!

“Plyometric training refers to explosive compound movements, commonly done with bodyweight or very light loads such as plyo pushups, box jumps, and jump squats. The goal is to train for maximum force production in the smallest period of time, so reps are kept low and the intensity and effort is high”

Another amazing benefit about this training as if there wasn’t enough already, YOU CAN DO THIS ANYWHERE! I’m not kidding. Try this in your room, backyard, park, hotel balcony, gym, or the beach. I can honestly list these places because i’ve done plyo training everywhere! Seriously, I was in europe this summer & you better believe I was on my hotel balcony doing my pop squats while my family laughed at me the entire time. Sorry not sorry fam.

My favorite plyo workout:

25 reps- Squat to shoulder press with a medicine ball

20 reps- Box jumps

20 reps- Bench hops

20 reps- Squat jumps

*Repeat this 3-4 times

Easy, simple, fun right? 



I do this 3 times a week every other week for a month and then I’ll find another plyo workout or add different movements in to shock my muscles. The weeks I do plyo training I will dedicate 1 day to head to the track or outside and do sprint intervals to really kick my booty in gear (So 4 days a week spent working out & 3 of those workouts were only 30 minutes long…NOT BAD). Sprint training has INSANE results. For more info on sprint training, visit: http://bladiumdenver.com/fitness/crossfit/2014/08/friday-82914/ for “8 reasons everyone should do sprints”

If you are really trying to burn that extra fat, plyometric workouts will help tremendously! Adding SPRINT INTERVALS during your week of plyo’s will seriously make your results stand out that much more 🙂

When I do a sprint workout at the track I will:

 jog a mile and really stretch my legs.

After I stretch, I SPRINT the straightaway and jog the roundabouts.

I do this 5 times and I will try to do more sprints the next time I workout.

My absolute goal would be 10 rounds of sprints.

To end my workout I will head to the stairs and run the stairs!


(Jessica Arevalo has great plyo workouts all on her youtube, go check it out if you need a visual)


disclaimer: this type of workout works very well for me and for many of my friends. Everyone is different, everyone has different workouts that work well for them. I do know that if what you are doing right now is not giving you the results you want it’s very important to try new things! Plyometric workouts keep your heart rate up & keeping your heart rate up during a workout has substantial results and benefits, so do your research! This type of workout works well because its a mix of cardio and body weight training so you are getting a serious toning effect on your entire body. Consider me a friend just giving you some awesome tips on what works for ME and inviting you to workout with me. I hope your results rock! 😉 Please let me know if you tried it and loved it or not. OR let me know if you do these types of workouts and share share share!!


Shmanders ❤


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