I like to think of my health from the INSIDE out. I know that what I put into my body is fuel for every cell that I have and will precisely effect every single move I make and thought that I think. That right there is motivation enough for me to think twice about every single thing I put into my body & I am hoping to share that habit with you.

So with that said, let’s get gory.

Digestive Health.

Does anyone else obsess over their GI tract wellness or is that just me?

It’s a pretty important aspect of our life. What goes on inside of our body is probably something you should think about at least once or twice a day if you want to be in tip-top shape.

Side note, our bodies are amazing and work harder than any machine I have ever learned about. I find that SO cool…you are so cool!

Ok, before I embarrass myself anymore:

This is a health & wellness blog & I’m going to talk about some realness that many people tend to not highlight while preaching about being healthy.

SADLY, many people suffer from the following:

Adverse reactions (allergies), Heartburn, and Constipation.

These not-so-glamorous things can totally be avoided.

Reduce food reactions/allergies by simply reading food labels. Do you know how many food reactions that you can avoid by just taking a peak at the ingredients before you put something in your mouth? Tons. Most of the time you will find a not-so-good ingredient in the food you are about to eat and pick something else out because food can be deceiving. Very deceiving. Even some Almond milk brands have some questionable ingredients. Be careful!

Reduce heartburn by not overeating. I think a lot of us eat till we feel full.Which is actually not a good indicator. We should outsmart ourselves when it comes to eating. Eat 1 serving of something and WAIT 5-10 minutes then decide if you are still hungry– that is a life saver. Also, laying down and eating is not a good idea. We cannot digest properly while doing that so maybe wait a bit before flopping on the couch & take a walk instead.

Avoid Constipation. This is something that I have struggled with for a long time and it’s been really scary at certain points but with a lot of education on my digestive system I found ways to avoid this awful experience. #1 way to avoid Constipation is to consume fiber each day! Eat WHOLE GRAIN products. “100% whole wheat” can go die. “Whole wheat” is stripped of all the nutrients we need from the grain, it’s basically no different from white bread. 100% whole grain items have the dietary fiber we are supposed to consume from breads. We need fiber in order to have a healthy digestive system. Fiber gets everything moving and digesting while also helping us feel full longer. It also acts as an exfoliant for our GI tract. Fiber is the sh*t, or in this case, helps ya sh*t! Studies show most Americans do NOT get their daily intake of fiber causing major issues, *gasp*.

(Now as for my Australia readers, nice job! Keep up the good work and continue to eat that fiber mates)

Tips on consuming enough fiber:

  • Choose WHOLE GRAIN breads/cereals
  • Double your servings of vegetables at dinner
  • Eat 2 pieces of fruit with your lunch
  • Add beans to your salad
  • Have 1 or 2 glasses of water with or before each meal

*Do not consume too much fiber, as that will cause many other issues. Fiber is not absorbed into the body but IS needed for GI tract health. I suggest doing your own research and finding out how much fiber you have a day and finding out the right amount for you (25g is usually a great amount for most women and 35g for men).

Get your fiber in. It’s KEY in improving your overall health.

Don’t forget your other CARBS. Carbs have this reputation for being “fattening”. LOL at that myth. Carbs are an essential nutrient! Guidelines for a healthy diet recommend 45-65% of energy from Carbs. I don’t know about you but carbs make me feel the BEST. I need them and I need them often. Carbs are your ticket to the most energy. An on-the-go gal like myself needs all the energy and maximum amounts of caffeine, so carbs are my best friend. Call me Carbie 😉

Let me show you what food I have during a day:


7am ~ Today I had a bit more time than usual to prepare myself breakfast, so I made one of my favorites, Pancakes. For these particular pancakes I used only 3 Ingredients: 1 Banana, 2 Eggs, & 1 Spoon full of Chia Seeds. I garnished with fresh fruit and drizzled a bit of syrup on top. YUM. (11g fiber)


9:45 am ~ I’m hungry every hour to hour 1/2, like a child. I got hungry pretty quickly after breakfast and pressed some fresh juice. DELISH. I used 1 cucumber, 3 carrots, 1/2 an apple, 1 Valencia orange, & 1/4 raw Beet.



12pm~ 1 bowl of FRESH SALAD. I used Trader Joe’s Harvest salad mix, 1 hard boiled egg, and pretty much a whole pomegranate. (9g fiber)


(you heard it here, the pomegranate IS BACK IN SEASON! I can snack on these seeds all day and I DO. P.S. They are packed with fiber)img_4378

4pm~ SO hungry after work, I had 2 pieces of whole grain toast with 2 tbsp organic crunchy peanut butter, 1 apple-pear (that is an apple and a pear MIXED together, 1 fruit, AMAZING) & after this I was off to the gym. (10g fiber)


7pm~ DEFINITLEY IN NEED OF PROTEIN AT THIS POINT…I had some pork with green beans. I am not even gonna lie, I always have dessert. Tonight I had australian licorice, which is seriously to die for. (4g fiber)


Does anyone else HAVE to have sweets following lunch or dinner, what do you have? Do tell.

Xo, Shmanders


2 thoughts on “WHAT DO I EAT?

  1. 3rdgenerationmommy says:

    I HAVE to have sweets after lunch AND/OR dinner..but mostly after lunch. I try to hold off until an hour before my workout and I have been having *KIND* bars. They are nut bars with different flavours…caralmel almond and sea salt, maple glazed pecan, dark chocolate and nuts. They are ALL good and they all have 5grams of protein per bar and are low in carbs (which I have to know because I am diabetic)!
    If I dont have these I usually head for a brownie because, well, I cannot resist lol.


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