BECOMING MENTALLY ATTRACTIVE – a diet for your thoughts?


Let me introduce one of the worst things you could ever let consume your mind: STRESS. 

We all have it at times. Maybe work is loading on the hours even though you can only work part time, your kids are driving you crazy, you have chronic pain, your failing classes, someone is SERIOUSLY bothering you, I could go on and on, but you get it.

We are all human so we are all going to have negative thoughts and emotions sometimes. However, like all things, moderation is key. We have to make sure we are not constantly having negative thoughts & emotions first whenever something happens to us. Just like training our muscles, we can train our minds as well.

Once we redirect our thoughts we can shift them from negative to positive which also changes our experiences to positive. The thoughts we think create our emotion. Emotions, whether bad or good, can cause stress. DON’T CAUSE YOURSELF STRESS. Help yourself out by just simply changing your thoughts to make yourself feel good.


When we get busy in our own world, we tend to start living on”autopilot”. When we are in “autopilot” we are going from task to task all day long, typically doing the same things we do everyday and not really in tune with our body & thoughts. While in autopilot, it’s very hard to deal with new things that come up because it isn’t part of our routine. This is the scary part of getting into a life where you aren’t truly focusing on everything you are doing. Because you aren’t focused, when something “stressful” happens where you need to focus and think clearly it’s really difficult to switch your mind off of “autopilot” and causes us to stress & experience anxiety. If we were more calm and focused when stressful situations come up, we would be able to address these situations in a more positive manner.

Autopilot thinking breeds pain, discomfort, and thoughts of doubt. After a while of this kind of thinking it can get into our emotions and make us feel like we don’t have any control over our life. Check in with yourself, why don’t cha? If you are starting to feel EXTREMELY overwhelmed or stressed, check yourself. Think about what you have done that day to get where you are, back track weeks and months. How are your thoughts effecting you? It is believed that negative thoughts attract negative experiences. You get what you give.


Thinking positive uses just as much energy if not less than thinking negative. Thinking negative causes us stress, discomfort, sadness, and awful experiences. Thinking positive attracts goodness, happiness, confidence, beauty, positive people, and HEALTH.

If you find yourself with mostly negative thoughts/experience, change your mindset & watch your life & health change, what do you have to lose?


Our mental health is SO important. Our thoughts and body are one. Everything is connected and in harmony. Every thought we have effects our emotions and our emotions play a HUGE toll on our health. We feel it! I know I am not the only one who has thought something really scary/worst case scenario & all of a sudden my stomach completely drops & I start to panic, experience anxiety, sadness, all that bad stuff. YUCK. Our mind is POWERFUL. Using our mind in a positive way is the easiest way to make the healthiest, most successful life for ourself.


There was a time in my life where hating girls out of jealousy and feeling insecure was something I felt quite a lot. It took a lot of growing up for me to realize that this way of thinking gets you NO where.  Feelings of jealousy, hatefulness, and greed take you to the bottom of the spectrum real quick. Now when I see a beautiful and successful woman I am happy for them and instead of putting them down I admire how they got where they are and it helps me with my own goals. If I see someone I once had awful feelings toward I think about them in the most positive way I can & hope the best for them (9/10 times this energy I give off makes this feeling go both ways!). When I think like this I feel on top of the world amazing. I highly suggest giving it a try! 😉image7

How many times have you felt an answer to your thoughts right off the bat? It is the craziest thing, isn’t it? So, trust your gut! We all have those “gut feelings” towards people, experiences, thoughts & those gut feelings should NOT be disregarded. That is a huge clue to our thoughts being good or bad. When you think something and you get an AWFUL feeling then you should most likely change your thoughts ASAP. If you do something that feels wrong or right follow that instinct and run with it. Stop distracting yourself from those feelings, ’cause our gut knows what’s up!

There is an ABUNDANCE of everything in this world. A natural way of thinking is feeling like there isn’t enough of whatever it is that we want. A common negative thought/feeling is greed. For example, “there isn’t enough money or success for all of us” is a non-abundant way of thinking. When we change our mindset to feel happy for people who have success it brings us CLOSER to success and an abundance of whatever we want. Check out this video to hear more on thinking in abundance.

Let go of the negative & watch your life, health, and everything else you want fall into the right place. ❤


Thank you so much for reading

QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, ANYTHING MORE TO ADD? Let’s chat in the comments ❤



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