I’m buzzin’ off the walls right now thanks to this big cup of turmeric & cinnamon coffee, I’m completely procrastinating on a crap load of homework, and trying not to think of everything else I have to get done today and this month. Instead, I have my spotify playlist blasting and I want to talk to you guys! 😉

I want to talk about a little nature de-stressing. Truth is, we all need a big dose of the outdoors in our life-like right now.

When is the last time you felt “ugh”?

Possibly right now? Yesterday? Last month? I know that there are many times in a month where I feel, just, sluggish.

Recently, I spent the weekend in a little camping frenzy. I spent just 2 full days (I mean can anyone last longer than that with 1 ply toiler paper & no shower?) outside. Not only was camping some of the best memories of my life but I came home feeling SO refreshed, revitalized, and happy. I wish I could spend 2 entire days outside much more often.

Why does being outside for a long time feel so good?

Glad you asked, 😉

Research shows being outside for even a short period of time can boost our mood and lower stress.

According to this source,

Spending your time outdoors

Improves Short Term Memory,

Restores Mental Energy,

Relieves Stress,

Reduces Inflammation,

Improves Concentration,


Creates Sharper Thinking & Creativity.

So, when you feel “ugh” again, I’m thinking that a walk outside could be your dose of feel good.


I try to go outside every single day for as long as possible. A walk outside helps me feel better. Every lunch break I try to sit outside or at least have a nice view. I try to workout outside a few days a week. Anytime I’m hanging out with my friends I try to spend the time adventuring and being active outside. I do most things outside so I can feel that natural burst of happiness and energy.


Feeling wind on your skin,

Feeling sun warm your bones,

Looking into the sky,

& Breathing Fresh air.

Some of the best ideas I’ve ever had have come into my mind while outside & in very good spirits.

Nature increases brain function, amps up Vitamin D levels, rids of stress, AND makes us happy.


I believe that any time we aren’t feeling too great, lacking energy, or just plain “ugh” we just need some time to re-group. The best way to re-group naturally, is to monitor our thoughts/make sure we aren’t being  a negative nancy, take a walk or a moment outside/breathe, and put a damn smile on your face– ’cause, hey, life is good babe.

And with time, everything gets better.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. ❤


xoxo, shmanders


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