The Basics: Pre & Post workout tips!


Getting basic here.

I am going to share the things I do and don’t do pre & post workout. These are tips I personally do to insure I am giving my best self to each workout routine. YAAAAS, & It works.

This is super important because there are some things I just HAVE to do pre & post work out or else I feel ripped off.

So lets start with my PRE workout tips:

I stay away from pre workout supplements at all costs. After learning more about the supplement industry I’ve come to find out that most “supps” are a complete rip off & not FDA regulated what-so-ever, meaning the company can put or not put whatever they want on the label & it’s not looked over by any other trusted source but the company. If you are a supplement gal or guy just make sure you are doing your research before inhaling some weirdo supplement.

First things first, If I am hungry this mama’s gotta eat. I eat 30-40 mins before my workout because I like to let my food digest a bit before I work out, however, that actually is not necessary & I think I kind of wait it out just to have an extra half hour to be lazy before I head to the gym… sue me! Favorite pre-workout snack: Peanut butter & an apple. PERRRRRR-FECT. (If it’s an early am workout a hard boiled egg does wonders).

If I am feeling like I need an extra boost I’ll have a small Iced Coffee + Sprinkle of Cinnamon + Sprinkle of Turmeric + Splash of Coconut milk. And who am I kidding? Coffee usually isn’t enough for me so I will mix 1 packet of Axio with iced cold H20 and head to the gym. I love Axio because it is packed with B Vitamins, Magnesium, Caffeine, DMAE, Green tea, & L-Theanine so no ugly crash here! This stuff is awesome and makes me feel focused and energized for any occasion for hourssss!

I also make it a point to dress fun in the gym… Something about wearing loud colors or pants that really make me feel good helps working out become even more fun. So lots of colors, patters, loud shoes, criss-crossy tanks/tops, and something pink. It’s important to feel confident at the gym in what you wear so have fun with it!



Another thing that must be done before I head into the gym is the plan. I’m not a fan of going in with no idea what the hell I am about to do. To me, planning out my workout is a super efficient way to get things done quick and effectively. I’m kind of obsessed with Paige Hathaway and find AMAZING workouts from her youtube account.





Our muscles are all warmed up from our workout so stretching after is an ideal time to give your muscles some lovin’. Stretching is exactly what I do after my workout. To make it more interesting I will roll out with a foam roller (amazing) and head into the sauna for some intense stretch time for about 10-15 minutes. After that I am feeling unstoppable and super proud of myself.

Anyone else feel way too great after a workout?


My favorite workouts are at 5am when the gym is quiet and the world is sleeping. Nothing like kickin’ ass before everyone else, eh?


When is your favorite time to workout & some of your fave pre and post workout tips?

I want to try!! Share, Share!





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