“I’m busy” Is such a lame excuse | PRIORITIZE YOUR SHIZ


Today is finally starting to feel like fall here in the Sacramento area and I am loving it. Gloomy weather, cozy clothes & warm drinks… who could complain? Not me!

I’m over here happy as can be.

Just so you all know, I am a very busy person. On-the-go type of girl for sure, but I like that. I am a full-time student, working 3 jobs, studying/reading/learning on the side about other random things, working out and of course hanging out with family and friends! With that said, I am rarely home and always on the go. So how do I stay on track with workouts and healthy eating habits?  It’s taken me some time to figure out how to keep healthy habits year round and fit in workouts also but I MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Being healthy is priority to me.

I think about my health as a TOP priority because I want to feel good all day long. Not working out during the week makes me feel very slow during the day. When I don’t eat whole and nutritious food I feel sick and almost like my body doesn’t know what to do with the food I ate. When I feel bad I get negative & when I feel negative it is a downward spiral from there, and no one wants to see me at my negative spiral crisis. Eeek.

Usually I am out and about all day, so I make sure I wake up extra early to spend some time in the kitchen. This is because;

#1 to eat a super healthy & filling breakfast that will kick-start my day and keep me full for a while. Example: 2 whole eggs scrambled on 1 piece of Dave’s killer bread with some goat cheese & greens on top paired with a bowl of fruit. Of course I have a HUGE glass of water before and a HUGE cup of coffee with or after breakfast.


#2 reason I am up early in the kitchen is to prepare my lunchie lunch. Gonna make this part simple on how I pack my lunch because I hope to do a full post just on meal prepping (If you want to see?). I try to fill my lunch with fruit such as a banana & an apple, mixed nuts like cashews, almonds, peanuts, cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios etc. I add a protein bar (not a weird ingredient filler infused one but a WHOLESOME protein bar with REAL ingredients). I’ll make a salad and or a sandwich. I will pack any leftovers from dinner, a sweet snack like dark chocolate and I am out the door. This process takes a few minutes which is why it’s important I set extra time aside for this.


Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize!

Getting to the gym can seriously feel like having to climb a mountain, like, it’s a serious struggle at times. Especially when you worked all day long or are mentally exhausted. Either way we all know we HAVE to get it done. In order for me to kick my own ass I have to prioritize my time. I’ll map out my day the night before or the morning of and plan exactly when I am going to do this, do that, and workout. Or else it’s just not going to get done. Sometimes I wake up at 4am in order to workout, sometimes I get to the gym right before closing & other times I might have to lay a yoga mat down in my room and work up a sweat for as long as I have time. No pain, No gain babes.


I’m not the type of person who believes in going to the gym every single effing day. No thanks, I LOVE my rest. We gotta have rest days! My body feels better when it has a day or two after a workout. Of course, when I am in the gym I am working HARD. Music blasting-no talking-sweating as much as I possibly can-keeping my heart rate up-type of work. I make the most of the time I have. Working out 3 days a week minimum & 5 days a week MAX works very well for me.

So how does a full time college student with a bazillion jobs find the time?

I create it. Because like anything you want in life, if you want it bad enough you will do it!

I love the motivation I create for myself because it is the ONLY one that really works.

I tell myself every single day: If I want this or that bad enough, I HAVE to do the dirty work in order to achieve it.

Get motivated & Stay motivated.

Where amy fit babes at?! Let me know how you baddies also stay motivated or get motivated!



2 thoughts on ““I’m busy” Is such a lame excuse | PRIORITIZE YOUR SHIZ

  1. washedoutdestruction says:

    Ugh I love this post. My biggest problem is eating wholesome foods throughout the day, because like you I am always on the go. I feel as though I never have time to plan out my meals aka excuses. What is the bar sticking out of that purse? Very curious, also patiently waiting for that meal prep post….


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