Cardio sucks, so trick yourself into getting it done!

hi babes.

This week has been super exciting. I’m officially signed up with NASM to become a Certified Personal Trainer! So prepare yourself for even MORE workout content because this babe is ready to share some amazingness with ya’ll. Life is WAY to short to do the same old boring workouts, or worse, not being motivated to workout!

The main reason I am writing The Fit Babes Guide  is to share great workouts, ideas, how to stay focused, loving yourself, getting back up when you fall down, and anything that’s going to make you feel inspired.


I love working out and the benefits that comes along with it and I know I am not alone. I hope to attract the same type of people here. With so much negative in the world there are some really positive places and people to visit and connect with and then leave feeling refreshed and ready to kick ass. Consider my blog one of those places. ❤


let’s just jump into it. Beginning with my CARDIO tip for this post. Cardio… There’s something about this hearty exercise that is really a chore to many people, myself included. Sometimes I am really feelin’ cardio and all I want to do is run or climb the stair master for 30 mins and listen to Justin Bieber (hey that mofo is catchy). Other days I avoid cardio at ALL costs because, ew, so much work. The reality here is that cardio should be done at least a little bit each workout. Raising our heart rate should be a main goal for each of our workouts. Think about it, our heart works really hard every second of our life, we should definitely  be giving it some strengthening. Side note: #1 cause of death in America are heart related issues. Let’s avoid that!

Sneaking Cardio Into Your Weight Lifting

Being real, we don’t wanna be on an elliptical every day for an annoying amount of time. My favorite way to do cardio during a workout is to mix it into my weight lifting.

I will start my workouts in the sauna if I don’t start with cardio. I do this because it is important to warm up your body a little before jumping into your routine or even stretching. Cardio/Sauna time insures your body is warmed up and ready for a pump or a stretch.

I’ll sit in the sauna for 5 minutes, that’s it!

Then I am on to my lifting. Our heart rate is raised during weight lifting, however, unless you are not resting AT ALL it is not raised high enough to really call it cardio and get the benefits of cardio.

So in order to mix up some cardio in my workouts I will superset my weight lifting exercises with the following moves:

Pop Squats

Jumping Alternating Lunges

Box Jumps


I do about 20-30 reps. Take a small rest and I am on to the next weight lifting exercise. I do ONE of these cardio exercises between 3-4 weight lifting exercises. The best part? You get a booty pump at the same time!

I did a shoulder/chest workout with these cardio moves incorporated yesterday and I FEEL the burn in my glutes. WIN, WIN.

Cardio, check!

So, why cardio?

  • Weight loss.
  • Stronger heart and lungs.
  • Increased bone density.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.
  • Temporary relief from depression and anxiety.
  • More confidence about how you feel and how you look.
  • Better sleep

Say yes to cardio.

& no to too much cardio…

Let me know if workout videos would be something you would want to see in the future & also comment your own little sneaky cardio tips.

let’s chat!






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