Your Life Is As Good As Your Mindset

Hiiiiiii lovelies.

With a new week approaching, a new season on the way and during such a crazy time in all of our lives I wanted to share a couple things with you that you can think on & tell me your thoughts.


I want to share the things I tell myself daily because if I did not do this I would have gone crazy like 2 years ago. Telling myself these things truly keeps me sane and able to make new goals for myself and achieve them patiently & consistently.

And also who doesn’t want to hear some good things once ‘n a while?


  • Do not be so hard on yourself

    This is CRUCIAL. Just because you sleep in, don’t feel like hitting the gym, procrastinate till the last minute, get really sensitive, forget something or whatever it is do not curse at yourself for it. You will never get anywhere by crtiticizing yourself. You have to be your #1 fan or else you will drive yourself into a downward spiral. When things go wrong, LEARN FROM IT. Ask yourself how you can do better & move on. Set goals for yourself and fail a couple times, it’s all part of the process. LOVE YOURSELF & you will do great things.

  • Breathe OUT the negativity breathe IN the good thoughts

    When negative thoughts start to spew in my head I destroy them. Life is like a test, there’s many different choices you can make and only certain ones are going to give you a good outcome. Negativity is a CHOICE you make by choosing to think of a certain situation, person or yourself in an awful way. What’s the point in that? NOTHING good can come out of it. It’s a waste of everyone’s time & especially your own. Radiate positive thoughts so you can make all situations worth it. Enjoying your time is much better than being miserable in your own thoughts.

  • Be good to everyone around you

I can’t tell you how awful it is how I have to remind myself to do this sometimes but it’s very important. I think it’s not just myself who often forgets that we all want to be treated well by everyone. How can we expect this if we aren’t doing the same? I believe that no one person is better than another. Being nice to people makes my days go by so much smoother, I feel better, I make friends everywhere & I have zero stress. Being good to people goes hand in hand with not taking things personally. We don’t know what another person is going through, so smile at them anyways and don’t take anything personal. Who has time to spew hate? I’m too busy for that!

  • Don’t skip [the gym]

    Mainly, don’t skip out on the things that make you feel best! We all get in those lazy slumps but powering through them and going for it anyways is mentally & physically rewarding in so many ways. The more we do this the more powerful we become over our minds. “Don’t skip” helps me remember to do the things that make me feel best whether it be going to the gym, spending time reading a book, talking with my boyfriend & family or cooking; anything that’s going to make me happy is a priority.



Daily reminders sure get me through my slumps. Who else has daily reminders for themselves??






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