How to avoid losing control during the holidays


Oh hi there, November!

The holidays are creeping up on us & it’s getting colder each day here in central/northern California. Does anyone else feel like it’s the easiest time to get off track on our diet, workouts and everything else? Is this why January 1st is like the most favored time to become this “new me” that will all of a sudden start to get things done?

I think it’s a great time to talk about goal setting. I know you babes do no want to have to be the one saying “new year, new me” come January 1st, instead we can all start now and already be that much closer to where you want to be; fitness wise or anything else for that matter.

I used to think about goal setting just in my head & figured that was enough. Why do I need to do anything else with my goals? Not until thinking about my goals solely in my head began to get a little messy I decided I needed to do something more.

My life started to get sloppy thanks to me being indecisive as hell & love to change my goals all the time. I was so all over the place at one point I had to ask myself, what am I doing and where am I going from here? The world we live in makes it so easy to get distracted & do whatever we can now to make money or feel happy instantly and I was starting to think of my minimum wage job as a first priority, so I realized I needed a little bit of organization and goal setting it was.

That’s when I got a big piece of paper and glued pictures of all things I visioned for myself, wrote out 10 goals for myself for the year, & pinned all over my wall what I knew my future was going to look like. So refreshing.

Looking back at that same goal’s I feel really proud. The cool thing about looking back at goals is that some of the goals I set for myself exactly a year ago are happening now, some goals I do not even want anymore, & I have new goals that I have began to write down.


Something about writing down your goals on paper has serious power. Looking at your intentions every day, thinking about them, & believing you will get there does something incredible.

Goal setting also insures you are staying on track. I love to also write down mini goals in my planner. My planner holds all my daily & monthly goals ’cause ya girl is a procrastination queen and without goals & to-do lists I would get distracted with something else. The world we live in is FULL of distractions & negative influences but when we have a hold on our own life already it’s really hard to get off track. Who else feels this way?

“According to a study done by Gail Matthews at Dominican University, those who wrote down their goals accomplished significantly more than those who did not write down their goals.”

Of course it’s perfectly fine to work a minimum wage job now (uh hello gotta pay those bills), go to school, have fun, learn new things; that is all important as long as we know where we go from there. All I am saying is, it’s too easy to get stuck doing something you really aren’t passionate and happy doing. Once I knew exactly what I wanted it became easier to drop opportunities & get rid of people who were not in my best interest, all risks I was willing to take because I knew it would get me to where I want to be in the long run.

Fitness goals, academic goals, relationship goals, financial goals, it’s all written down for me.

Nothing like a pen & paper goal list to feel like a boss. 

Whatever you want it life, get it done.



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