Don’t be a slave to your mind | Relax, babe

Saturday morning. 11:32 AM. I should be getting ready for work but my mind is set on sharing some goodness with whoever chose to read this post.
With that said, hi, thank you for reading, you are amazing.

I want to share a quick tip on mind clearing & meditation.
It’s clear to me that many many women my age and older suffer from overwhelming feelings of depression, anxiety, and just plain negative feelings all over the place.

Negative feelings are not good for living a healthy lifestyle, because how can you live happy when you are suffering?

If you aren’t thinking straight you probably aren’t making the healthiest decisions for yourself.
Ways to distract yourself from negative feelings & learn to destroy them all together? That answer I wish I knew.
However, I do know a few things I personally do & what my friends do to keep themselves in good spirits.

1. I take time to relax
This allows me to clear my mind. Like I really enjoy not thinking about anything. Depending on my schedule this can last anywhere from 2 minutes – 30 minutes.
Favorite ways to relax: Laying in bed, drinking hot tea & just focused on my breathing, watching a fantasy TV show (Once Upon A Time, whats up?), or cuddling with my boyfriend or dogs! I find that when I detach from my schedule for even a few minutes my mood changes dramatically.

2. Read
I love love love SUPER inspiring & motivating books. I swear the most successful people I know read like 200 books a month. Reading good books inspires me to live my life with a different perspective & reading is the quickest way to become more knowledgeable on just about anything.
I’m not talking about a e-book on your kindle, I’m saying like a paperback-library smelling-old school book.
Favorite places to read: at home alone, a coffee shop, or right before bed.
Current favorite book: The Four Agreements

3. Pray / Have Faith
I am a very faithful & spiritual person and I pray about just about anything & everything.
I notice that when I truly believe that everything will be okay & that I am not in control of everything, letting go of all worries is my complete saving grace. For me, it’s very important to be at peace in every single big or small circumstance of my life & in order to do that it’s through prayer, meditation, & faith.

Find your peace!

Whenever you are in a funk, feeling overwhelmed, sick, not confident, whatever it is take a deep breath and let go of all your thoughts for a minute.

Find that silence is not empty, it’s quite full of answers.


So, how are you feeling today?



3 thoughts on “Don’t be a slave to your mind | Relax, babe

  1. 3rdgenerationmommy says:

    200 books A MONTH?! I WISH that I could read faster ❤ I average a book or two a month but I only read on my lunch hour usually (my 1 break in the day to detach myself from work). If I am lucky I can squeeze in a bit of reading in the morning on the weekends while I drink my coffee. It is definately my favourite way to escape. ❤

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