Confidence HACK 


Life is not slowing down, it’s speeding up!

Crazy week I would say, eh? Elections have come & gone (don’t worry, not talking about them- I’m sure you have heard enough on social media), I am moving into a new place tomorrow, and I am working a new job and slowly but surely getting the hang of it. So tons of newness… Which can be a good thing if I make it that way, yes? I feel like everything is changing right now and I’m grateful because everything that is happening to me is exactly what I have wanted for a long, long time. 
Speaking of change, I stepped away from the gym this week & have only done yoga classes… WHAT? I know, I have never done yoga for a consecutive week and I have to be honest, it is altering my life in the most insane way. 

If you have never really gotten into yoga, let me be the first to say, GET INTO YOGA. 

To mentally, physically, and emotionally get in tune with your body and breathing while zoning everything else out is so freeing. Yoga is the #1 way to meditate & holy sh*t it feels good. ( also a great workout! WIN WIN ) 

Does anyone else practice yoga????? At home? In a studio? Share!! 

With so much change I want to also talk about confidence & how important it is especially during a time of great change. I am sure you might have figured, I am a big big fan of confidence LOL. Really confidence is everything!!

Your life needs confidence from you- Not from your mom, your dad or your friends but from yourself.  

If you do not believe in yourself first then whatever it is you want to do you will struggle at it & unhappiness is what you’ll usually find.

Think of your mind like a huuuuuge stadium filled with millions of clones of yourself either cheering for you (when you have confidence) or booing you (when you have no confidence), which stadium would you feel the strongest & be able to rock that interview, get that date, or squat 200 pounds? 

Have you heard the saying “Fake it till you make it”? Well, I use that all the time. Especially when I need confidence. 

Instead of looking at a task and thinking “Ugh I can’t do this” I FAKE IT TILL I DO IT. By “fake it” I mean I believe that I can do it until it gets done. 

Always thinking myself through everything instead of tearing myself down, I promise it’s the easiest way to get through your days. 

If you find yourself stumped on something you have no control over (Ex: The elections, your family’s choices, your friends) believe that it will get better because then it will. 

Off to bed for now to catch some major Z’s for a 6am yoga class tomorrow ❤


2 thoughts on “Confidence HACK 

  1. John Kowalczyk says:

    Amanda, your self-confidence will serve you well, as I have already told you. At the risk of stereotyping, for which I apologize in advance, I think it’s rare at your young stage of life, but, thing is, it shouldn’t be. Don’t get me wrong. It’s important to be realistic about what you set your mind to achieve. I, for an outrageous example, know that I will never acquire the skill to be able to crash through a steel door. But I use that extreme example to make this point: If you have a passionate desire to aspire to achieve something in life and the only obstacle preventing that is you, THAT’s the thing you should be focusing on achieving. I’ve been around for a while now and have accomplished much that I never would have imagined was possible for me when I was your age. What made it possible? My determination to work hard for my goals, change what needed to be changed. Believe in the power of adaptability and growth. It works, throughout your entire life. You never stop advancing if you work at it. Believe in yourself. Never let setbacks define you. Reset and move forward. Always.


    • Amanda Hailey says:

      Hi John!!!! You are so cool!
      Hard work directly follows your passion and belief I agree. Nothing is easy in this life 🙂 Im grateful to have the realization much younger than most, makes me think that maybe I was blessed with this to share with others in such a dark world right now.
      xoxoxoxoxo 🙂


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