A easy home workout for the babe on the go!

Hi loves-

No time for a workout today after a morning full of school, loads of homework & headed out of town for a fun orthodontics appointment- too busy for like, anything! Who’s with me?

Rest assured, I made no excuses and got my butt up and did a little home workout.

I just wanted to get my heart rate up, squat, and do some yoga to really stretch out my body.

I am feeling pretty tight after moving into a new place all weekend so yoga & foam rolling are on the agenda each day.


I still find time to meditate, thank God/the universe/myself/whatever you want to call it- for the life I live, and take each moment in. ❤

How are you guy’s doing?

Thanksgiving is coming up next week which means FOOD. Maybe a hardcore leg workout will be posted here so we can all work off that turkey dinner together? LET ME KNOW ❤

In the meantime,

watch my quick, easy, at home yoga workout!

The goal here was to keep my heart rate up, work my lower body, upper body, some core work & stretching it all out (of course I also had to attempt my new favorite yoga pose “crow pose”)! In order to do this, I did these moves (in the video) for 30 minutes.

As always, please comment for any more details you are interested in!




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