Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog , it means everything to me.

I guess you are clicking on this particular part of my blog because you want to know who I am, so let’s get to it:

First of all, I want you to know the REASON I started greenjuiceandyogapants.com.

I’ve seen the nastiest side of life and have chosen, regardless of what I was raised around, that I was NOT going to live my life negative, sad & feeling bad for myself.

The reason is because LIFE IS SHORT— I’ve witnessed death first hand in the most awful ways and I realize how precious our time is here.

It’s CRUCIAL to me that I spend my time here on earth being good to myself, my family & friends & most of all, making other people feel good about themselves.

My blog is a place I want to showcase a healthy life and inspire others to be good to themselves and others.

This world is FULL of negative and toxic people, maybe even in your own family, my goal is to reach my hand as far as it will go to the ones who NEED some good people in their life– PLEASE let me be one of them. ❤

Fitness isn’t just about flashing your body to the world, I believe a healthy life should shine out of every pore in your body and your heart should be genuine.

Think good thoughts about yourself and others, give yourself a break, smile more, do things that make YOU happy no matter what.

Know you are NOT ever alone & that a good life for you does exist! Just choose to want it.

Please enjoy this site as a happy place, somewhere you can go for motivation/self-love, questions you may have, nutrition info and fun workouts for anywhere & anytime.

Consider me your new bff?





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