Dear stress, Let’s break up.

Saturday night, yum.

So much to be happy about right now: simply the fact that it is Saturday night & I have nowhere to be, vino by my side, and a full tummy post thanksgiving day with my wonderful family by my side.

Regardless of all things happy, stress still creeps in my mind & I begin to cater to all the worries and my happiness temporarily vanishes while I occupy my mind with rubbish.

Lately stress has been winning this mental battle & I have been letting it control a lot of my time. Ew, why does this happen I wonder?

My mind is just occupied-







everything just starts to become… stressful & my energy dramatically crashes.

Stress. We all have it. And we all can kill it.

Yoga/meditation, check.

Church/Prayer, check.

Still stressing? Now what?

We have to find the button inside our self/mind that works like a switch and turns off our worries. Of course everyone’s “off button” will be something unique, we just have to figure out how to find it.

Lately when I find myself stressing about ridiculous things I have to take deep breaths, make sure my phone is as far away from me as possible & stop whatever it is I am doing & start another task that makes me happy.

Example: I am in my apartment looking at all of the crap lying around and i’m stressing about how much I have to clean, so I will start to tidy up a small amount (as much as I have time for) and head to a yoga class or read a book.

If something is stressing me out that I have little control over at the moment I will just do as little or as much as I can contribute at the moment and then I will distract my mind with something happy.

Guys, there is too much to be grateful for around us, am I right?

Stress is trying to take that away from us.

I have to keep reminding myself that we don’t have to have everything 100% perfect all the time. Ya live & ya learn!


How do you keep yourself grounded on times of chaos and stress? PLEASE share. I could use a tip or two… ❤




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