All my student readers know this time of the year right before winter break & Christmas is time to study and get ready for the test we have been preparing for all semester.

Speaking of, today I am exhausted, who is with me?

I woke up a little late today because of the night shifts I have been working & I’m feeling a little lagged, so I’m listening to my body today and taking it easy all the while getting some studying done for FINALS.

While we are on this topic I want to share this video with you:

Gary Vaynerchuk says it ALL. Seriously, LOVE him.

Just when I was losing a little motivation I listen to this video and remember I have the upper-hand in life right now. When I listen to this I have the biggest “I’m GONNA DO ME” moment.

It’s time to attack the life you want”

“This is the time to grind on your highest levels”

COLLEGE STUDENTS– yes I am talking to you.

We are the LAST people to have doubts & lack of motivation.

We are the last people to care too much what our friends and family thinks of us and our thoughts. You’re seriously better off by just plugging your ears when listening to other peoples opinions of your goals. Maybe just don’t even tell them.

Guys, it’s time to do YOU.

Do what you feel is best for you, in short, do you.

Whether you are graduating soon, or you have 20 more units to take, START thinking about how you have the upper hand and start to think about the life you  are going to attack when you get done.

“This is not when the world has sucked out all the dreams you have”

“You get to live life one time & this is the time right now to understand what is actually happening and actually map out your behavior that will effect you for the next 80 years”


Learn, travel, think, START THE BUSINESS you have always dreamed of, start that blog, start YOUR DREAM now.


Because we are young and we can afford those failures.

We need those failures.

And NEVER be turned off by failure,

Fail 1,000 times for 1 success.

Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”




Grind babes.

Happy Finals week!!!!! ❤





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