REAL “Body Goals”

Real talk 101: The media is brainwashing us into false realities.

You head over to Instagram now days to see half naked women up and down your newsfeed–porn at your finger tips!

“Relationship goals” plastered all over the Kardashian’s & their men. (whaaatt??)

“Perfect” bodies, mansions, top-of-the-line cars… It’s all over your face screaming “You need to be this”or “You have to have this”.

Many of us look to the media for inspiration and standards but when will we realize that most of what we see on the media is a phony lie to get the most hits?

Your body inspiration should come from the mirror you look in, the workouts & people that make YOU feel the best & when you are at your most peaceful state of mind. That’s a damn inspiration.

Once we understand this we can stop judging everyone around us for everything that they are, let them be, because they are real.

I’ll never forget the moment where I was seriously body shamed in high school. I LOVED being a cheerleader, we were always performing and having fun. After a performance one day I remember someone telling me that a couple girls were talking about how I looked “3 months pregnant”. After I heard this I spent hours on the treadmill and thinking about never wanting to get in my uniform again.

As young women I know that it’s easy to get caught up in the media and want to be as “hot” as possible, but how much energy does that waste & when does that ever make you feel truly at peace with yourself?

I can’t even stress how important it is to of course be at a healthy weight, just do NOT obsess over your weight. Let it be.

Once you stop stressing about your weight & looking “hot” for that f**k boy on saturday night you will find peace in yourself and can naturally get into mindful eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Instagram is not always the place to find your body goals & relationship goals. Ok? Ok.

Recently, I heard from the podcast, The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, that the big time instagram/youtube celeb’s have FAKE relationships to up their following on social media.

I’m not going to rant about how “real” relationships work because that can be a whooooooole other blog post…


I do want to save the girl who doesn’t feel good about herself because she doesn’t look like the women she see’s on social media–because you girl are beautiful & you need to realize that every single day.

We need confident & strong women in our communities that can look at each other and see a beautiful person without thinking some sort of judge mental crap.

I personally hate dealing with the un-friendly girl or guy life is too damn short & you don’t know who is DYING to be smiled at.

Save yourself so you can save others.


There’s nothing better than women standing together & being confident in their own skin.

❤ ❤ ❤




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