Happy Day after Christmas!! (Happy Monday!!)

Who is feeling motivated, ready to hop out of bed & get back to work? Anyone?? Yea, I didn’t think so…

To be honest, I snoozed my alarm about 2 hours this morning, oops! 

Most of us ate a little too much, didn’t burn many calories, just CHILLED hardcore & maaaayyyybe drank a little too much yesterday? Hey that’s what the holidays are FOR, right?

I felt like a sack of potatoes yesterday (Christmas day) and was dying to get some exercise in around 12pm after I inhaled about 5 home-made lemon scones!!! The gym was closed of course but that didn’t stop me. My sis and I got our butt’s up and ran outside to get a quick 30 minute workout– we followed our urge to get our heart rate up and did whatever we could with the time we had.

We jogged, incorporated upperbody and lower body workouts just using our bodyweight and a PICNIC TABLE. Yep, no excuses babes! A little bit goes a long way– my body loved me again afterwards, scones & all, and I am feeling sore today. ❤

We got the best workout in and continued to have the most wonderful Christmas! 

Did anyone else get a workout in yesterday?! Or maybe the day before?? 

Whether you did or did not, let’s talk about getting motivated and staying motivated during each and every day because let’s not forget: we are human. Which means, everything is temporary. Joy, pain, circumstances, feelings– it’s all temporary. This is why we fluctuate ALL THE TIME. When we are happy it doesn’t last forever, when we are sad it passes with time, everything will pass! 

Our nature is to worry and feel all sorts of different things all the time, however, it’s important to NOT be so hard on ourselves because whatever happens is going to pass and we have the rest of our lives to do it again or to do it differently.

When you feel down in the dumps, know it will not last forever. ESPECIALLY when you accept that and choose to begin to feel better. 

For me, taking a huge inhale and exhale to clear my mind and begin to feel better in any situation works. When motivation seems to lack in my life, I don’t become down on myself because that only pushes the motivation I need further away. 

Just because you don’t feel like getting to the gym or to zumba class your day is not ruined!  Do a little home workout if you feel you really need to get some exercise in: make no excuses. Use the 5 second rule I talked about in this post. Under any & all circumstances, AVOID getting down on yourself. LIFT YOURSELF UP & make the most of every moment and motivation will begin to consume you.

I’m not a fan of wasting time because we don’t have very much of it.

Find your peace in your everyday grind. Breathe out the negative and don’t even give bad thoughts any of your energy– positivity is where all the motivation lives, find it. ❤

till next time!




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