How 2016 kicked my ass (Hellooooo 2017)

Back to the grind babes. 

2016 felt like a super quick blink of an eye. Right?? 

I enjoyed 2016 SO much. It was all about personal & spiritual growth for me and I couldn’t be more proud. Like I could probably go into an ENTIRE series on how this year changed EVERYTHING for me…

Thanks to this year and the experiences that I had, the people I became close to and the light that has shined in on me– I have so many goals for 2017 & can barely wait to get to work. Who else?! 

Also I have been really enjoying relaxing. With the break from school and spending time with family during the holiday time it just feels really good to try & spend my time in slow mo– just really enjoying evey moment rather than thinking about my next move/tomorrow/schedule blah blah blah…

I just want to spend time being very GRATEFUL for where I am at now, I feel like without having gratitude for now I can’t really transition onto new things with as much faith as I need (I hope that makes sense??). 

We all want to do a million things/be successful/smash goals, all great things of course, but what about where we are now?! Isn’t this a cool place to be to? Let’s bask in it once in a while, chill, be thankful for it. Ya?


I figured that a vlog on the lazy babe meal prep would be useful going into 2017 & helping you acheive your goals. 🙂 

I like to remind myself that the more simple, the better and my meal prep is SO simple!!! I don’t over think it, spend a bazillion dollars, or cook for 2 hours– It’s stupid simple & I love it because the food I eat makes me feel good. 

I know most people don’t have the time, which is exactly why I put this easy peasy prep together!!  

So sit back, relax, grab your cup of joe (or beverage of choice depending on the time) and enjoy this! 



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