I wanted to start off this post by saying thank you for reading!

Seeing people visit my page and read my posts keeps me motivated to make more.

I am excited to keep providing you with workout content (check out my youtube!!), easy & healthy eating tips & how to maintain a balanced life. As a college student, I am all about low costs & quick/efficient workout and meals! I know how important it is to eat healthy even in my younger years and I want to help others learn how important it is as well.

On greenjucieandyogapants I plan to spread awareness about mental health as well. Mental health is just as important as eating healthy and working out– if we are struggling 0r unhappy it can have unhealthy consequences as well and can turn us on a downward spiral. Growing up, I watched my parents go from successful, happy, supportive people to drug-addicts, unhappy, and lost in life. Traumatic circumstances in life have a tendency to make us feel like we are done and that is it, but truly life can begin again there & you will be a HELL of a lot stronger. Here on my blog I am hoping to bring people into the light on how important it is to be at peace with yourself. I believe that your life will start when you find peace within yourself and figure out how to channel your thoughts– if you do not know how to turn awful circumstances into something you can learn from and come out a stronger person you will drown yourself in negativity and the past.

MENTAL HEALTH to me is staying positive– I believe in surrounding yourself with supportive/loving people and getting rid of toxic people, eating healthy foods, exercising your body regularly with things that make you happiest, meditation/clearing your mind, and finding PEACE in yourself with positive thoughts and activities while not letting negativity consume you.

Life is not perfect and happy all of the time, I GET THAT, and here on my blog I want to educate on HEALTH by starting with circumstances in your life becoming your strength instead of tearing you down.

So thank you for reading because 2017 is going to get REAL and I am so ready to share/talk/and get to know you even more!




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