BALANCE TIP! Pizza, kinda sorta “guilt free” version

The aspiring nutritionist talking about eating pizza…. contradicting? NEVER, because this nutritionist LOVES balance. I love my sweets & treating my body to what it craves. I do NOT believe in denying myself of what I really desire, sounds like self-torture to me, no?

Life is too short to not eat some pizza once in a while! In my case, I may eat it once every two weeks! Yum in my tum, kapeesh?

HOWEVER, when I do eat pizza or any kind of carb & sodium loaded crap I compliment  it with some FEEL GOOD foods so my mind is tricked into thinking it is a bit better and my stomach also thanks me!

STEP 1: Purchase a cheap-o pizza.

(I prefer COSTCO’s “KIRKLAND” Brand) Just PLAIN pepperoni & cheese– who doesn’t love a good pepperoni and cheese?!?! It’s $3 a pizza. Yas. (Sorry if you are lactose intolerant! There is always a way to substitute so let me know if you need a hint) I also make sure I have chicken breasts to cook because I will add some to the cheap-o pizza.

Step 2: Slice up chicken & toppings of choice.

Slice up chicken into small chunks/cook chicken (season your fave way). Then slice onions, slice cilantro, slice spinach , avocado– these will be your toppings so more or less depending on how you like it. all the meanwhile, bake that pizza!!

Step 3: Decorate the cheap-o pizza with all the colors of the rainbow!

After the pizza is done, slice it up and sprinkle it with chicken and all of the goodies that you chopped up. I also LOVE to squeeze lemon juice on top…. trust me. 😉

Sooooo, ya. Moral of the story TREAT YOURSELF. ❤

But when you do treat yourself, make sure to add some goodness to it so your body has something to work with.

B A L A N C E. Isn’t it great? ❤



2 thoughts on “BALANCE TIP! Pizza, kinda sorta “guilt free” version

  1. John Kowalczyk says:

    Amanda, happy new year! Just want to say that I’m loving the blog. Everybody needs some form of affirmation at least once in a while, if not daily, and there’s always something in your posts that resonates with me or makes me smile. Today, it was the whole balance thing. Almost every year in December, I bake a medley of Christmas cookies that my grandma made for us all through our childhood. Three years ago, I started what is now an annual cookie exchange with a colleague at work, which has been a major sugar rush that lasts literally for weeks! Major imbalance, right? This year, I had so many cookies around the house that I could almost taste the type 2 diabetes in the air. (Ha ha!) Anyway, because of the mass quantities of sweets I’ve found myself doing things I’ve never done before — to balance out all that excess sugar, calories and fat. Last week, I made my first batch of roasted Brussells sprouts, a simple recipe with olive oil, kosher salt and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Self-appraisal: Yum! Sunday, I made my first ever soup with kale and chard (and Italian sausage and heavy cream, but we won’t talk about those — wink wink). Yum again! Anyway, big shout out to balance! And I laughed when I read about your endorsement of Costco’s Kirkland plain pepperoni pizzas. Both Alex and I keep our freezers stocked with those. I also am a big fan of Costco’s rotisserie chicken, which I slice up to top the toss salad I lug to work every day, although I have now gravitated to their hugh package of individually wrapped fresh uncooked chicken breasts, which I freeze and thaw, cook and slice up on the salad as needed. Good, wholesome, healthy eating! So, you go, girl! And angle bracket three ❤ back at ya!


    • Amanda Hailey says:

      I so understand the cookie addiction because I am a HUGE fan of sweets. I am LOLing at your story!!

      Love the recipes you have been trying, yay for healthy eats!!


      Thank you for your always kind words.



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