how to be a smart babe. (beauty will fade!)

A well read woman is a dangerous creature.

2016, as I said before, was the year I figured out where I am going with my life. Now, no questions asked, I am on the way to achieve all my goals and dreams. I would NOT be able to get on with my days with the mindset I have now without the books I have read a long the way.

I ONLY feed my mind with shit that is going to get me closer to where I want to go. For example, I like to read books like “Switch on your brain” by Dr Caroline Leaf & “How to win friends and influence people” by. Dale Carnegie. I like to read books where I can take what the author is giving me and use it for the benefit of my own life. I like a good laugh, an inspiring quote or two and advice I can use on myself. 

Who needs counseling when you can read a good book from a master themselves?

The authors I choose to read are going to be people who I aspire to be like, I mean duh, they basically become your free MENTOR! If you are reading this I assume you feel the same way, so let’s hop to it friend.

This post I will be sharing the BEST reads I had in 2016–the books I stumbled across that helped me hop on the road to success.

Switch On Your Brain by Dr Caroline Leaf

The reason this book hit me so hard right away is because the author works in neuroplasticity and refers to herself as a scientist, BAD ASS LADY MMKAY. She talks mostly on how “changes in thinking actually change the brain and can affect behavioral change” not only that but she uses SCRIPTURE and backs it up with SCIENTIFIC evidence. She also includes a 21 day brain detox plan that helps you get rid of all negative and useless thinking. This book is awesome, I loved it.

Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

If you want to “land your dream job, kill it in your career, and rock social media” then this girl is a great read! I feel like this should really resonate with many women who are into social media. Aliza Licht works for the high-end fashion brand DKNY and is their social media and PR “girl”. She talks about the importance of a good resume, interview, internships, business cards and more. If you want to get ahead and stay ahead pick this little number off the shelve. I LOVED IT!


Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson

This book is also titled “HEALTHY WAYS TO LOVE YOUR BODY”. Kate Hudson KILLED it with this book. I wasn’t expecting to get so much out of it but I actually reference to this book all the time. Hudson writes about how important it is to be in tune with your body and check into how you are feeling, she includes workout and stretching routines, shopping lists and all around how to be mindful of yourself. Basically my stress levels dropped BIG TIME after reading this ball of sunshine. LOVE!

The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Eeeeeek, this book is kind of trippy. I consider myself a very spiritual person and I owe this book a lot of credit for getting me where I am today. This is a spiritual wold, whether you tune in with it or not, so this book is QUITE the intro to getting in touch with your spiritual side in a VERY positive and abundant manner. This is the type of read to give you chills, open up your mind and heart, and set major goals for yourself. Esther and Jerry Hicks talk about the “Laws” of the universe and how to help them work in your favor.

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

This has to be the oldest book i have ever read, written in 1937. Napolean Hill interviews the most successful men of his time and finds the “secrets” to success and writes them all in this book. He writes the secrets in a formula and tells stories of how many successful people got to where they are. It is a interesting read and I found it very helpful for my own goals.



I am currently reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson and am loving it!

Let me know what you guys read. Love suggestions ❤



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