THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG! It means everything to me seeing views, just know how important you are to me. 

What a better way to get to know each other then to share some of our favorite things?!

I neeeeeed to know your guys’!

Favorite places, hobbies, goals, loves, wants, needs, desires…. all of it!

I am a California girl, born & raised. My favorite place here in CA is San Diego. It’s beautiful. I’ve wanted to live here ever since my parents took me on vacation (& the san diego zoo stole my heart!!) Every chance I get I visit. What is your favorite place?!

Big Sur, CA. Love a get-away to the beach with my girls & cold drink in my hand. Yum. Drink of choice: A Smirnoff ice (TOTAL CHEAT MOMENT. I KNOW, and even slightly trashy?! HA). Fave beach activity: a little yoga taught by my best friend on the sand and an impromptu photo shoot! lol.

Medjugorje, Bosnia. My faith gets me through every single day! I love feeling hopeful, faithful & peaceful. I’m grateful for each & every single day and especially for you!! ❤

FRIENDS! I can’t live without my friends, seriously. They keep me laughing and always inspired. My favorite way to spend time with my friends: at a RANDOM eatery blabbing for HOURS, hitting the gym, going for walks, shopping, or SLEEP OVERS! I will never ever be too old for a sleep over!

Healthy eats!! Yum. What I feed my body is what I feel. I truly am what I eat. It shows through my skin, emotions, temper, workouts & overall health! Nothing makes me feel more myself then a good meal.

TRAVELING. I will never stop or turn down an opportunity to travel. I feel so out of my element or out of my bubble when I put myself in a new place and around new people. Nothing opens your mind more than traveling! Where have you been?

Have you watched my video on my pilgrimage to Medjugorje? It’s INTENSE! Watch here

I want to know more about you guys! What are your favorite things?

Comment below, let’s chat!


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