FIT BABE TIPS! Find a friend in failure.

EVERYBODY wants a hot body. Who really wants to put it the work though? Not many… 

Getting fit and healthy is not easy for everyone, but good news, nothing worth having comes easy EVER, period. And if you are reading my blog you obviously have a desire to become a better version of yourself! Mwah!

Nobody wants to live in a gym, count their macro-nutrients, drink a ton of water, wake up & go to bed early & live with really sore muscles, do they?

I feel like you watch any fitness youtube channel or website and they say “do this and that you will see results and be fit” but HELLO, it’s not that easy!! You are gonna fail at first and thats OKAY. DO NOT GIVE UP. 

It’s the failure and suffering that make the greatest gym rats or exercise lovers of all time– because they have learned to LOVE the pain in their own personalized way. 

We can all learn to train our minds and body to love this lifestlye. If we want to live a long time, look good and feel good we kind of have to! Ha-Ha. 

So with that said;

It’s okay to fail a lot, but get your ass back up and try again. Kapeesh babe?

I am gonna give you some REAL simple pointers to keep you on track year round & no matter what!

  • SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS BEFOREHAND. When you go grocery shopping pick out healthy options & avoid all the sugary and salty sweets you love–trade them for fruit and flavored /carbonated water. I enjoy a Coke Zero once and a while as a cheat…. Hey it does the trick of getting rid of my sweet tooth ! But Aspartame sucks and it’s an ingredient so this is like ONCE A MONTH TYPE THING MMKAY.
  • WORK OUT. Get your heart rate up somehow. I don’t even care if you are just going on a walk with your dog– GET UP, GET MOVING. Pack a gym bag and always keep in your car for any extra time you have to hit the gym. 
  • Buy some new workout gear or supplements like pre-workout or BCAA’s in a yummy flavor (a cute shaker cup too!!). This should help motivate you to workout. ESPECIALLY WOMEN, when you have a cute gym outfit you will be more motivated to workout (LuluLemon, whats up?!). If you have tried this and it didn’t work then I do not advise it again. lol.
  • TAKE PICS OF YOUR PROGRESS! I love progress pics because it’s me motivating me– so important.
  • CAFFEINE! If you are a coffee drinker at least, CAFFEINE is the best pre-workout everrrrrrrrrr. Not kidding. Nothing like a cup of joe or iced coffee to get your body ready for action. Try it, trust me & let me know how it goes. (research the benefits!!)
  • EAT. When you workout a lot you will find yourself with a higher appetite than normal, THIS IS GOOD, so eat! When your body gets hungry more often it means you are burning more cals (YAS ITS WORKING). Feed yourself with healthy options! I recommend TRACKING your food with an app on your phone. Apps calculate calories and macros super easily and keep you accountable and mindful all day long. 
  • Don’t beat yourself up. You will fail. That’s life! Give yourself a break, you have your whole life to get it right. Becoming negative about missing your spin class or having a cookie is a downward spiral that spits you out at the bottom, right under your starting point. Don’t forget to live lightly. It’s not that serious. Be happy.

Can’t forget to enjoy life, tomorrow isn’t promised. 
Xx babes, 


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