Put on your positive pants

I could sit here and tell you my entire life sob story but I choose to NOT think about the awful in life. 

We have a choice as to what to think about & give our energy to each day. The negative in life is the killer of any & all happiness! 

Moping around because of ish you cannot control is wasted, wasted PRECIOUS energy (*cough cough* protestors, whiners, complainers about the election) . 

PUT ON YOUR POSITIVE PANTS & get on with your bad self. 
Don’t go blaming the media, your brother/sister, your family, the president, your friends, your pyscho EX for all your troubles because that is not going to make anything better. CHOOSE TO BE POSITIVE. I promise it’s a lot better than choosing to be negative! This is because once you choose to be happy you will find that you can focus more on what you can control & that is a great place to be. 

In order for me to put on my positive pants everyday I make sure everything I can control has FEEL GOOD meanings to it. 

  • I hangout with POSITIVE INFLUENCES. 
  • I read books that inspire me
  • I spend a lot of time with family
  • social media detoxes (& when I am on social media I am only looking at happy things!)

For example, Check out my twitter feed : 

I choose to follow people who say things that inspire & lift me up, NOT people that worry me and bring me down.

 Look on the bright side babe because there is ALWAYS a bright side! 

How do you stay positive?? 


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