Break a sweat in 10-20 minutes


Everyday of my life is consumed by a to-do list of all sorts & I love it. Usually I do not have time to spend 1-2 hours at the gym, first of all, no thanks & second of all I do not even need that much time. Who else feels this way?

 I get it, it’s easy to skip the gym when your schedule is exploding. It’s unacceptable, however, to skip a workout when you can break a sweat in 10 minutes where ever & whenever!! 

I HAVE to get a workout in. I need to workout at least 3-4 times a week to just feel myself and metabolize well.

That’s me.

The last month I have been spending most of my workouts in the yoga studio and really challenging my mind & body with a new type of groove. I had to do this. The gym was beginning to feel meh, if you will, and I needed some newness. (If you want more info on yoga- let me know)!

When I am not in the yoga studio I am at the gym. Not at the gym? I’m probably at home doing squats in front of my bathroom vanity while getting ready to brush my teeth. I know how to get my heart rate up and break a sweat and get on with my day.

A quickie workout is what we all want right?!

So let me share a few moves that I have learned over the years & looooove to do because they take roughly 20 minutes for a good workout. Once you become really familiar with your body you can even get a nice sweat on in 10 minutes with the right moves.

Talk about using your time wisely, eh?

Blast some music, get in the zone & have fun with it.

High knees for 1 min: Start your workout with some cardio to start warming up your body.

Stretch for 30 seconds: Bend each of your legs back for a nice hamstring stretch.

Push ups 2 min: “Girl” push ups are perfectly fine for this exercise. Start with your arms out by your side for 15 reps working the chest and then bring your arms in by your side for more of a tricep workout for 15 reps.

Jump squats 1 min: FORM IS KEY. Legs should be shoulder length apart knees should not go over your toes. (Pulse the exercise at the end for an extra 20 seconds for more of a challenge) Rest no more than 10 seconds after 1 min, shake out your legs, repeat.

Scissor Kicks 1 min: FLEX YOUR CORE. KEEP YOUR CHEST UP! Rest no more than 10 seconds, Repeat.

Jog in place, jumprope, jump squat, do some form of cardio for 2 minutes.

You can repeat this workout as many times as needed & even incorporate weights if you have them and feel like challenging yourself even more.


If you want something even more simple hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes for some High Intensity Intervals: these workouts will burn fat like NO other! I like to star at a brisk pace 3.5 @ 3 incline for a few minutes, then move to 4.5 @ 3 incline, then 5.5 @ 2 incline, and then 6.5, etc. I will continue to do this for 15 minutes continually changing up speed and then the last 15 minutes I do SPRINT INTERVALS! So good. I sprint for 2 minutes walk for 1 minute. That will get cha sore and TIGHT. 

Let me know how it goes.





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