LOVE YOUR BODY, love your life.

So, let’s talk confidence shall we?


I passionately believe that your feelings toward yourself affect your life, not just certain aspects of your life, but every single part of your life. I also believe confidence is neccasary to really build a solid foundation for relationships, jobs, friendships, honestly anything & everything needs confidence to avoid failure. Positive feelings toward your body especially are essential to make any progress. Everything you say and do shows how you feel about yourself. When you gossip, complain, half-ass jobs, how you walk, talk, and treat people emits EXACTLY how you feel about yourself.

I understand that you may not be perfect; GOOD NEWS, NOBODY IS. 🙂 Nobody ever will be perfect either that’s the great thing about life. We may perceive some looks, personalities, lives, etc to be better than others but that is a sick illusion and just plain negative thinking. Life is ABOUT falling in love with your imperfections and EMBRACING them confidently and lovingly. Life is about loving everything YOU have and living a damn good life in it.

This generation loves to put perfect girls in the media and shove it in our face, I mean Margot Robbie, ARE YOU EVEN REAL?!?

This might make you feel better: Movie stars are air brushed and edited in every single shot you watch.  Like Photoshop in a magazine, “digital beauty has become to celebrities in motion: a potent blend of makeup, plastic surgery, muscle-sculpting, hair restoration, dental work and dermatology. Even the most flawless-in-real-life human specimens are going under the digital knife. Because they can. Because in this age of ultra-high definition, they have to”. Disturbing. More info on that here.

The most important thing ever is to be CONFIDENT with YOURSELF right now exactly the way you are no matter what.

If you have goals to look a little different, for example, lose a couple pounds, tone up, grow out your hair, stop biting your nails, stop smoking, etc. GOOD, never stop setting goals for yourself. Just know that in order to get there you HAVE to accept yourself as you are right now, think positively about it somehow and you will reach your goals so much easier and A LOT quicker! Win, win!

It’s good to have goals and want to be leaner, toner, have a rounder booty, whatever it is, YAY you for having those goals. Keep in mind, the way you are right now in this moment needs love and needs it now. Think about it, you got yourself here right now with every action you took or did not take leading up to this day. So, accept it, acknowledge what you have done to get yourself here so 1. you can move on and 2. if you aren’t happy with where you are you KNOW how you got there and can avoid it happening again. Once you accept yourself and figure out how to be positive and loving to yourself your body will start giving you what you want.

Once you start feeding yourself positivity you will notice healthier thoughts which will create a healthy life.

We are our biggest enemy and greatest teacher. We learn from our experiences. So, accept yourself , love yourself for all the good and know you are working towards your goal so there is nothing to stress about. Time spent being negative towards yourself makes conquering your goals so blurry and much harder… do you get what I’m saying?

You do not have time to treat yourself awfully, your life is precious.


Also keep in mind, you put off energy to the people you are around. In other words, our thoughts are radiated off to others. This means, when we feel ugly, fat, weird, all those negative emotions you WILL pass that along to other people and they will see that. Now let’s say you felt confident, happy, wonderful, and loving then the person will feel that just being near you and that energy is SOOOOOO attractive.

Think, which feeling do you want to give off??


Some days are gonna be harder than others. Things are going to go wrong, you will lose negative people, you will feel negative emotions trying to peep through but stay strong and choose happiness and watch your life and body change.


How do you stay balanced? Share with me!



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