how to avoid procrastination (SOS)


Who else is 1-2 weeks into school and feeling behind?

ughhhhhhh… i’m with you!


It’s time to snap in gear. Talking to myself too perhaps…

In order to get everything done, ya gotta force your self to. Maybe a little slap on your own hiny to get you moving.

Usually I am able to get it all done, but I want to make for certain that I am utilizing all the tips I can possibly get– so chime in!!

Really though, how the fuuuu do we get everything done??

If you are anything like me you have due dates coming out your earholes…


First things first, I get really old school and make a to-do list.

I just type one up in my I-phone notes app–yup, I never forget what needs to get done.

I never let myself become too obsessed with getting everything done (unfortunately lol). This is because I am super realistic with myself. Studying or doing homework for more than an hour straight makes me very dizzy. I have to take breaks every 45 minutes to an hour to like stretch, take a walk, do some jump squats or talk to people. I have to get my mind refreshed every so often. I think it’s because homework is the devil? Not sure, what do you guys think?

Another way to make sure I get everything done is to make sure what I am doing is NOT wasting my time. Getting off my cell phone once and a while, turning off the tv, heading to a coffee shop to leave distractions at home– making time for me to get shit done. If you want to succeed you have to put in some work! I seriously have to pinch myself sometimes to get moving… because bed?

With that said, I am off to do some homework peeps.

And then going to hit the gym tonight after work,


The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do.


Please let me know how you get everything done– I need all the help I can get this semester… uggghhhhh.







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