quote of the day | motivation 101.

Best advice I have ever heard was…


“never get comfortable”.

I think I was reading a book or something when I first heard this, isn’t it lovely?

NEVER. GET. COMFORTABLE. It’s perfect because having a comfort zone is great and all but it is so easy to get STUCK.

Ya know those people who live in one place their whole life, work one job, watch the same tv shoes, work out at the same place, have the same friends, etc– they are living in  a comfort zone and want to stay there.

But the thing is, how can you evolve as a person in a comfort zone? You really can’t.

Being willing to try new things. Meet new people. Be nice to people you don’t want to be nice to– you never know what you can learn from the people around you. Be open.

At least, that’s what I live by.

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is where growth happens.

Success lies right out of your comfort zone.


What quote do you live by??

Hope you babes are having a great day!!




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