Counting your calories | easy & effective.

Today I am going over the hack of 2017 to keep yo ass in check, year round. Ready?

It’s SO easy! yippeeeee.

The way I stay in tippity top shape is COUNTING my calories. That’s it.

Ok, maybe that’s not all I do. But, it is a HUGE part, like almost #1.


Counting calories is great for multiple reasons:

~Keeps you constantly aware of what you are eating.

~Educates you on the macro nutrients of each food / what the food is doing for you.

~Allows you to create a goal and helps you keep track (DING DING DING, reach those goals sista!)

~Once you have been counting calories long enough you will get into a habit of eating foods that are nutrient dense and help you feel good. Because seeing the calories in crap food is scary.

Once you are counting your calories you will be hooked.

I use a free app to keep track because it breaks down all the nutrients and rates the food for you– like healthy or not healthy. You seriously just take a pic of the barcode on the app and it adds it to your diary… SO EASY!

I use either Myfitnesspal or Lifesum. Both amazing apps to use for keeping track of your calories.

I am currently using life sum and it’s really great– it rates your food with smiley faces (how effing cute).

Another great thing about these apps is first it asks you a series of questions, like your fitness goals (either lose weight or gain weight & how much) , current weight/ goal weight, height, activity level & more; That way the app can create you a calorie and macro goal to stay in. Of course you can tweak the calorie goal to whatever you want (BECAUSE THE NUMBERS THE APP GIVES YOU ARE NOT AT ALL ACCURATE) — especially if you are more experienced in counting your macros. My goal now is 1,400-2500 calories. It ranges biggggggggg time depending on so many things. I have certain grams of fat, carb, and protein goal I made for myself & the app assures I stay in. It’s SO helpful.

Basically counting calories has become a habit and I really love it. It helps me stay on track and super aware of the foods I am eating which is awesome. Right??

How do you stay on track?? Let me know, xx


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