guide to a good healthy lunch! (NO BS) 

I hope you guys like videos because I am obsessed with making them– like I think I found another passion of mine! 😍 

I definitley need to invest in a good quality vlogging camera so if you have any recs, PLEASE send them my way!! 


Today I am SHARING my recent favorite easy peasy lunch made right at home, it can be packed up as a to-go lunch (if you like eggs and are brave enough to bring them to work or school). Honestly, I’ll scarf down an egg sandwich in my car if I am not wanting the smell to freak people out (ugh, get over it ppl!). 

My home made egg sandwich is BOMB and loooooaaaaded with nutrients. It keeps me full for a while and I feel ready to take on the day or a workout. 

My favorite time to eat it is right before I leave the house for school! 👌🏽

Obviously, I’m not going to whole foods every week unfortunately but I am a college student, what do ya expect? I make it work with what I got. If you are anything like meeee then keep reading … 🙂

I am a pro at packing up my meals for the day in 10-20 minutes, this is because I really think through my meals while I am grocery shopping to make it easy for myself during the week. Take my list with you and you can be a pro in no time as well. 

Yay for healthy (AND AFFORDABLE) eats. 🤗
A breakfast post is coming… Expect LOTS of carbs , fruit , & PROTEINSSSSSS! Follow me on snapchat for sneak peaks @haileyadnama. 

Yup, that’s right, CARBS are friends not the enemy !! 


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