How to do what you love and not give an eff about the rest

Happy Hump day!!! At least that’s what everyone is saying these days right?? lol.

Today I feel SO good– and I hope you do as well.

I feel fueled with yummy food (add me on snapchat to see my yummy breakfast @haileyadnama) , energized, inspired, active, and feeling very, very loved after such a happy Valentines day yesterday. ❤

I wanted to share something I posted in my latest video but go a little deeper into it:

Recently I have been sooooooooo passionate about my life.

It’s a mix of the books I have been reading, the people I am surrounded by, and this blog I created.

I wanted to make sure everyone reading is aware of one thing: YOU are in control and YOU dictate how your everyday goes. Thus, you create your life– good or bad. 

No one else controls how you react to things which means NO ONE or nothing is to blame for really anything in your life. No diploma is gonna get the dream job you want (you have to work your ass off to find it and what if you don’t love what you do?) & the president is not going to help you much either — sorry not sorry. 😬🙄

Once you accept that you are in charge and you are to blame for everything that happens to you, then you really get behind the steering wheel of your own life– and more feeling of control means that better circumstances shall come.

There are certain things/people that have no value for me and I leave no space for in my life, like: negative/toxic people (you know those people who suck all the goodness out of you and your left feeling bleh), the word impossible, EXCUSES, lies, fakeness, drama & processed/fake food and drinks (HA).

I run like the wind when these things try and creep into my mind or life, BYE FELICIA!

So what is it that you , my friend, want to do with your life? And what are you doing today to start that up?

Because I do not want to hear any excuses.

If you want to start a blog, business, youtube channel, brand, whatever it is, DON’T make excuses to not give it a try.

I’m too old, everything sucks right now, it’s not the time, etc etc.

You know how many people have told me that the internet or youtube is too saturated” to start a website or channel?!?!? I LAUGH.

This world is constantly evolving and changing so duh things are going to be different for you and me to do now then they were for someone starting a blog 2-5 years ago, but that does not make something impossible to do now or too saturated. It simply means that we are going to have to do things very differently.

So can we try and not make excuses? They suck.

I think excuses are for the person who really doesn’t want something that bad & wants to throw everyone else off.

Truth is, if you want something bad enough you will figure out how to do it and work your ass off. Trust me people are grinding HARD working at their dream and they don’t have time for excuses– and that’s the key

And you’re right, there are a lot of other people on the internet but there isn’t a you or a me and there is enough room to try it all a different way and all reach our level of success.

I want to lift others up along the way as well.

‘Cause if you want to build the tallest building in the world you don’t have to knock all the others down along the way, you just build the effing tallest building !!! 

If you are in your twenties reading this what the hell do you have to lose?

Do what you love, everyday!

Be passionate about it because that will lead to immense happienss.




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