my secret weapon: CARBS

Hello babes!

So great to be typing away again after a fun-filled weekend with family (which was so rejuvenating).

Lately I have been on a HUGE potato kick (do you follow me on snap chat? If you do, you will see my CRAZY potato addiction quite frequently).

Okay but after RESEARCHING the benefits of potatoes I am NOT sorry about my love for them— not even a bit.

Let me just share more info on my sweet lil side dish.

POTATOES are rich in potassium which helps prevent weakness, muscle fatigue AND cramps according to experts. Sadly, only 3% of us get this mineral!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! Potatoes have 50% MORE potassium than bananas do. WOW, right?

Potatoes are easy to make, easy to digest– quickly converting to fuel in our bods. Basically these tots are giving us major energy to get through a huge workout or whatever it is you babes do.


My favorite potatoes

Sweet potatoes (I just pick some up at my local store), I love sweet potatoes when I make them into fries. Sweet potato fries are HOT FIRE, forget about any other fries because these are the BEST and you can bake them up in 30 minutes in your own kitchen.

I cut my potatoes into “fry size”, toss them in a bowl, season with grape seed oil, Himalayan sea salt & paprika, put them on a cookie sheet (1 cm apart) in the oven @ 425 degrees for 20 minutes, flipping the fries over 10 minutes in. DEEEEELISH.

I also love “The little potato company” potatoes. These are great because they are bite sized and taste SO good when I bake them with grape seed oil and Himalayan sea salt…the best and so easy.

I can eat potatoes breakfast, lunch and dinner. They give me the greatest energy and I feel like they even help me recover from my workouts faster???

What do you love to have with your meals?

Till next time !!



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