SNACK SMART : all the fit babes are doing it ; )


What’s in my  Kate Spade bag you ask? S N A C K S.

The first thing I do before leaving the house for anything is pack up my snacks/meals. I spend probably 1-2 hours getting ready in the morning and an 1 1/2 hours is solely focused on food. It’s a priority because it saves money and holds me accountable to eat healthy. Also, I just all around feel better when I eat light and healthy throughout the day. I eat for fuel, any other way I get too full and feel like a slobby slob. Relate?

If you want to take your health serious, you will make sure you are stocked up with healthy or “smart” snacks whenever you leave your place!! I think its easy to stop by a fast food place when you have no other option, so think ahead babes. I get it, it can be a drag to prep your lunch, but it’s really really important & with my tips it’s as simple as can be!

Here are some of my favorite snacks:

( Keep in my mind, this is not all I eat all day, this is just snacks

I like to have an egg sandwich or something high in carbs, protein && fiber for lunch, but that is a whole other post. 🙂 )


  • Baby carrots
  • Suja green juice
  • Premier Protein shakes
  • Grapes
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Sparkling water


The reason these snacks work so well for me is because they are small, low cal, high in nutrients && macros keeping me full for a while.

Eat for fuel ! ❤

Be sure to check out my most recent video on other tips to help you stay on track AND a little tour on what’s in my fridge!!

What are your favorite snacks??

I’m off to relax & watch “This Is Us”. ❤



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