No gym membership, no problem! 


As March is approaching I’m thinking of everything I have been able to accomplish, and of course the things I wasn’t able to to accomplish quite yet

I’m working at getting PERSONAL TRAINER certified through NASM (can’t wait to workout with you guys) & created a youtube channel!! Have you guys checked it out? I’d love to hear your feedback! 

Any PT’s out there? Any tips? I could use them all 🙂 

Recently I have LOST my gym memebership. YA! Greenjuiceandyogapants doesn’t go to a gym. But ya know what? I’m kinda liking it… It forces me to get super creative!! Working out outside, at home, my local yoga studio, etc. I’m thinking of maybe not signing back up? IS THAT NOT CRAZY? 

Of course I’m sure I will go to the gym once n a while but for now I am loving going outside or just staying at home & getting my sweat on. 

(Check the workouts out here) !!

Sometimes a gym can just be un-motivating as weird as it sounds. Maybe it’s because I’ve been going to the same gym for years?! 

I believe with a few pieces of equipment a efficient workout can be done anywhere


I’m working on a new video, ❤❤❤❤

Trying to study for my Personal training test,


figuing out my workout for the day! 

What are you guys working out today? 



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