my beer can budget meal prep + dinner ideas!

I have a champagne taste….but a beer can budget.

I try to eat as healthy as possible but I have to make some sacrifices every now and then, for instance, I had garlic bread last night and I use frozen fruits and veggies once in a while. NO REGRETS. Maybe.

I also loveeeeee a McDonalds iced caramel coffee once in a while…

What about you guys? Willing to share with me your dirty secrets? lol.


today I’m sharing with you my lunch and dinner routine on a typical work day. Yay!

There is not one day I don’t put together a nice hefty lunch from home, I can’t live without my food! Am I just so dramatic? ugh.

SHARING EVERYTHING, WATCH VIDEO & then read below for all the details…



Open faced egg sandwich— 2 whole eggs, 1/4 cup of egg whites, laughing cow cheese, 1 piece of Dave’s killer bread, Himalayan sea salt, handful of spinach (separate everything until you are ready to eat).

Salmon & Rice— “Chicken of the Sea” salmon, mayo, white rice, liquid aminos.



“light and fit” greek yogurt,

Premier Protein shake,



TONS of water!


Pre marinated chicken (garlic & herb)

Red lentil pasta +

Trader joe’s Marinara sauce

Garlic bread (should opt out w/ a side of veggies if you want to be good)

This process is soooooo easy! ❤

Thank you guys for reading.

Enjoy your beautiful day!!!!!!!!




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