How to have fun AND do cardio 

I’m never coming home. ❤

San Luis Obispo is so beautiful and I am getting so much sun with this awesome weather.

Today I wanted to get in a hike.

HIKING is an amazing workout.

Hiking works every muscle, especially your legs & core, also helps improve stamina and endurance. WIN, WIN.

The gym can get so boring & repetitive sometimes. Hiking in a beautiful area can be so motivating and refreshing.

If you want an awesome new cardio / all over body workout, grab your best friends and head out for a hike, it doesn’t take much and it’s free! 

Like I said in this post, the outdoors has incredible health benefits for you as well, so really a hike is a total feel good treat for every part of your body / life. Agree?

Spice it up of course and incorporate some lunges, pull ups, push ups, side steps & box jumps.
Thank you guys for reading!!

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Let me know what you think ❤



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