How to stay “on track” while on VACATION

Ok so you are going on a vacation, out-of-town, mini vacation, away from home or whatever you want to call it– it’s not as easy to eat what you want , especially while traveling with friends and family!

I get it.

It’s still really no excuse to completely fly off the wagon of your fit babe lifestyle.

Recently I went on a mini-vacay and have a few more planned this month which inspired me to make this post.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you stay on track, it may sound obvious to you already– great, if not then this post is for you ! ❤

  • Bring your vitamins with you

This is important for those of you who take vitamins everyday. Forgetting them can make you feel like you aren’t following your normal routine at all & you might indulge in things that aren’t necessary. I think bringing your vitamins reminds you that , hey , you’re a fit babe!


Usually when your on vacay you’re drinking ” fancier ” beverages, (eh-hem, alcohol / soda?) so it’s even more imperative that you don’t forget to stay hydrated!! Keep a water bottle or glass of water near at all times. When I’m out at restaurants I always order water with whatever I’m drinking. So important!

  • Don’t feel bad about eating

Tell yourself to pipe down when you start to whine about how unhealthy or high calorie something you are eating is. You are doing it, so ENJOY it. Being negative about it is only going to spiral down your mood and people around you will feel it. ENJOY YOUR TIME! You’re still a fit babe to me. ❤

  • Get exercise in

Sometimes all we want to do on vacation is sit like a lump on a log. Which is totally ok as long as we move around a bit. Being sedentary is NOT GOOD for our bodies and can cause major problems for us long-term. Bring a football or frisby with you and play catch with friends, take a walk or a hike, do yoga at the beach/park/front yard, stretch, walk up and down the stairs (if avail), or make up a workout !

  • Opt for a skinny version of food & drink (when eating out especially) !

Making little modifications like sauce/dressing on the side, looking for low cal options on the menu, zero-calorie drinking like coke zero / sparkling water instead of regular soda can really help save you from excess calories and bloating (aka feeling like CRAP)! For example, when I order pizza I try to get no cheese, lots of veggies & when I order a drink I try and go for drinks with real ingredients instead of pre-made mixers/ complex cocktails.

Example: Mix margaritas from only lime juice, tequila, triple sec & a pinch of sugar!

Also, champagne cocktails are among the lightest drinks on a menu & don’t have any syrups. So, pop that bubbly!

Let me know if this helps.




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