Reminder: You are what you eat

REMINDER: Fitness is a lifestyle.

Being healthy doesn’t just happen.

It’s something we have to choose to do every single day.

You choose what you pick up and eat, when you workout (or if you do at all), and the thoughts you think about yourself. It all adds up to your health!

Point of this post is that no one is perfect. No one is 100% healthy 24-7 of their life.

Eating right, exercising, feeling good, being good to everyone around you, it all takes practice and work.

Not to worry though, because as time goes on we will get better & it will become habit!

::No one feels good all the time because everything is temporary::.

Today especially, I woke up feeling ugh & didn’t change my attitude until about noon. YIKES… Yeah one of those days where everything went wrong.

As the day went on I fueled myself with healthy food and positive thoughts and my mood slowly (like a baby turtle making their way to the ocean) became much better. Voila!

It’s a work in progress. Know that everything around you / how you portray yourself to others is a REFLECTION of your mood. So, if it “aint” good– change it!

Me: Ugh, i’m in such a bad mood.



Soo, what did I eat so far today that helped change my awful mood?


Breakfast: Kodiak cake (waffle), peanut butter + nutella, low-calorie syrup.

1 cup of coffee + my healthy creamer

Lunch: 2 eggs/avocado/chilli flakes/himalayan sea salt + 4 slices of turkey bacon + sparkling water

Snack: Premier Protein shake + grapes + carrots

Snack: RX bar (the best, NO bullshit, protein bar)

Snack: Greek yogurt

Snack: Sparkling water

(check out a full snack post, here) !!


&& tonight for dinner : (check it out on snapchat) I am having my favorite crockpot chicken!! Probably going to have a taco night. Delish!



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