Fit BABES: WEEKLY videos just for you !

Welcome back babes. ❤

Today I am reminding you that Greenjuiceandyogapants is on YOUTUBE.

Yes, that’s right I have basically my own TV show.


I’m posting WEEKLY on youtube insuring that I have some sort of video content complimenting my blog posts.

I feel like there is something about videos where you can really get something extra out of the content, agree?

I’m posting videos on : meal prep ideas, gym workouts, at-home workouts, travel vlogs, and much more to come.


If you haven’t subscribed, PLEASE DO! Once you subscribe I will subscribe right back.

❤ Click here to subscribe!! ❤

how traveling changed my life

I also made a video describing my life changing trip to Medjugorje, Bosnia that I will NEVER stop talking about. It’s intense & everyone should hear about it . ; )


Today after work I am heading to yoga for a workout and then off to CARMEL! Follow along on snapchat !

Just a quick trip to visit family & hangout, then back to the grind on Saturday.

Any fun plans this weekend?


See ya on youtube! 



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