Happiness tip : Find your tribe


Monday morning.

Sun is shining.


&& if no one has told you that you are beautiful and loved, let me tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND LOVED. 

Is the time change/daylight savings throwing anyone else off?

I could barely get out of bed today.


On that note,

I wanted to share something I was inspired to post while visiting family in Carmel over the weekend.


I wanted to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to your tribe. Tribe meaning friends/family/community/co-workers/everyone who is around you.

Who you have in your life, whether you know it or not, is completely influencing you in the direction your life is going.

ALL of the people you spend your life with are influencing you every second you are with them. Sure, you might think that you are strong enough to not give a crap what they think, but regardless you are giving a ton of your energy to this person & they are giving you a ton of their energy. Which means whether good or bad you are directly consuming everything they are talking to you about, what they do and all of their opinions.

So if you have NEGATIVE friends,co-workers, roommates, boyfriend/girlfriend, family in your life they are holding you back from being YOU.

This is ridiculously hard for me to say because both my parents are very emotionally unstable and extremely negative and I cannot spend a lot of time with them at all and it SUCKS.

However, if I did spend a lot of time with them I would be very very upset.

No person can change the way another person is living (if they don’t want to change) which is why trying to help my parents is a waste of my energy. 

When someone is not influencing me positively I have no issue not reaching out to them/dropping them.

I’m talking about this because my blog is place I want to be able to talk about how to be your most healthy, positive, loving self 100%. Being around people who make you uncomfortable, negative, sick, unhappy, regardless of if they are family/co workers or you feel bad for them, THINK ABOUT YOURSELF. You have one life to live and it’s important to be as happy as you can.

I think people are scared of leaving their family, jobs, friends, because they think there is nothing else out there?

Whatever the reason, the world we live in is VAST and full of opportunity, enough for each and everyone of us. Seek anything & you will receive it. Try it!


As soon as I walked away from everyone & everything for a moment and reset who I want to be and how I want my life to look I found everyone and everything that made me happy and loved.


I thank God everyday for being alive and only hope for good things to come for the people that aren’t in my life anymore.



And a special thanks to everyone in my tribe now, oh how you are LOVED! Thank you for being loving , kind , and influencing me to be my best self everyday. ❤


And to the readers:

I hope you find your good vibe tribe, you are absolutely apart of mine. ❤


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