INTERVIEW SERIES: with the hottest pilates instructor in San Diego ! (Tips, tricks, letting go) 

I am SO excited to be sharing one of my FAVORITE people with you guys. 

Today I interviewed Amanda Frost Kowalczyk.

Amanda happens to be one of the most influential people in my life, she is a pilates instructor in San Diego, a brand new wifey to a badass navy chief, AND my boyfriends older sister (& yes we have the same name LOL)!!!!!!

Amanda was running the retail world when she realized that what she was doing did not make her happy (anyone in retail, relate?? lol). When I talk about doing whatever makes you happy & leaving the rest behind, Amanda’s story comes to mind because she followed what made her the most authentic version of herself and she just GLOWS of life whenever I see or talk to her– her energy is something else. 

I asked her a few questions so you can get to know her a bit more & made sure I got the best tips possible for fit babes just starting out on their health / loving themselves journey. She is SO knowledgeable , stay tuned. ❤❤


GREENJUICEANDYOGAPANTS: Introduce yourself! & don’t forget your inspirations ❤
Amanda: Hi! I am Amanda Frost Kowalczyk, and I am a mom to two adorable puppies, a wife, and a dedicated Pilates instructor here in San Diego, CA. I am inspired every day by many things. First, my hardworking husband who hustles every day no matter what. Second, I am inspired many of the wonderful people that I know here and the clients that I have at my studio who make me smile and laugh every day. And lastly, living a healthy and happy life is so important, so I am inspired to take every day and eat the best I can, do the best I can, and be as positive as I can.

GREENJUICEANDYOGAPANTS: How did you get so involved in fitness? What’s the whole story? 
Amanda: I have been into fitness my entire life! I was a dancer from when I was 3 years old- ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, and hip-hip- until I was 21. Once I didn’t dance anymore, I worked out at the gym and did social-fitness things with my friends. When I moved to San Diego, about 7 years ago, I took a break for a couple of years of being as physically active as I had been- I went through a pretty rough depression that turned my whole world upside down so I really lost myself there for a while, and gained almost 30 pounds.  

When I started feeling better (and trust me, it took a while) I started running for a way to relieve some stress and get my mind and body feeling better. I met a personal trainer, who is now my dear friend, through a running group and we kind of leaned on each other to stay motivated. 

I started taking Pilates classes 5 years ago, and I immediately fell in love. It tapped into my dancer background, and completely reshaped my body from the feet up. I loved it so much that I became an instructor and never looked back!
GREENJUICEANDYOGAPANTS: What are your favorite workouts to do? 
Amanda: Pilates is definitely my favorite workout because it’s low impact, improves strength, flexibility and posture all while keeping a mind-body awareness. I take a yoga class once or twice a week to get some extra stretching in and calm my mind. I do a TRX workout once or twice a week (I have it at the Pilates studio) to help with balance and cardio, and I am recently getting into Spin classes. I don’t take a Spin class often, maybe 2-3 times a month to get my heart pumping. Plus: being able to sweat like a beast with the lights off is kind of fun 🙂

GREENJUICEANDYOGAPANTS: How do you stay motivated everyday / stay on track even on your bad days?
Amanda: I stay motivated every day because I am always looking to find something different to do! I get bored really easily, especially with my workouts so I am always looking at videos or playing around at the Pilates studio to see what I can come up with. If it’s a bad day, I take the time to get some peace and quiet: no cell phone, no noise, and ask myself “What is going to make me happy?” That usually does the trick, but it doesn’t I try stay busy cleaning my house, running errands or walking my dogs so that at least I am moving around. 

As far as food goes, when I’m “off” I am craving carbs and sugar. If it’s carbs I will have something carb heavy for breakfast since I know I have the day to burn it off, or I eat more leafy greens and some sort of legumes to help my body get the nutrients it needs. If I am craving sweets- frozen mango is my favorite sweet snack. It’s like eating ice cream 🙂 

GREENJUICEANDYOGAPANTS: Where can someone find you on your day off? 
Amanda: On my days off I usually sleep in until 8am (which is late for me) and hit a workout class, typically yoga or Pilates, or I go to the park and do my own. I always take my pups for two walks, and I usually run whatever errands I need to get done. If it’s a weekend day I try to make plans with friends. I love to host dinners so you can always find me prepping food for guests. 

GREENJUICEANDYOGAPANTS: What are your biggest tips for ppl JUST beginning their fitness journey/figuring out how to love themselves?
Amanda: This is easy: Moderation. Self care. Don’t compare. 
Moderation: Your new fitness and health journey doesn’t have to be “I’m ALL in or nothing!”. Give your body and mind time to adapt. Plan ahead, and take substitutions where you can. If you usually have a bag of chips for a snack, eat something healthy and crunchy instead like an apple, nut mix or cucumbers and hummus. Instead of watching TV for 5 hours at night go workout for an hour, come home and shower and stretch in front of the TV. All of those little substitutions will allow your mind time to adapt, and you get to give yourself a pat on the back. Plus after a while, all of your healthy habits become second nature. 
Self care: This is one of the biggest deals to me. Take care of YOU. Not just eating and working out wise, but your mental health! Pick something EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. that will make you happy and give you time for yourself and just DO IT! It could be buying those shoes you wanted, taking a bath in the evening, or having a quick 30 minute lunch with a friend. Whatever it is. No one will take care of you, the way you will. Make this a priority!
Don’t compare: Just don’t. Everyone and every body is different, and so is their journey. You can’t compare someones 5 years long journey with your own you started two weeks ago. Just don’t do that to yourself! 
GREENJUICEANDYOGPANTS: Whats your favorite cheat meal ?
Amanda: Um… is it weird I don’t feel like I have one? I allow myself moderation so if I want something I just have it! And then I balance out my day around it. I use the 80/20 rule. 80% clean eating and working out and 20% IDGAF. 


Okay do you guys LOVE her or LOVE her?
Those tips were SO good !! 
Thanks for reading.
And thank you SO much Amanda for coming on! 

If you want to see more interviews please let me know. 




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