🍀 St Patricks Day Workout 🍀

Hello fit babes. 


&&&&& happy, happy, happy St Patricks day!! 

Nothing crazy planned today. You definitely wont find me drinking green beer — doesn’t sound appealing to me AT ALL. 


I started the day off with sleeping in until 9am. Yum. 

I made some Kodiak cakes (AMAZING, high in protein, whole grain, pancake mix) + fruit + syrup + almond butter + nutella.

I chugged a fresh green juice then headed to the corepower yoga studio for some yoga SCULPT. 

Yoga Sculpt is intense. It’s a yoga class with weights incorporated. Tons of strength training, stretching, core work & cardio! This class doesn’t miss a thing your body needs for a great workout.
 I love it because I don’t have to use super heavy weight. More reps, less weight, happy amanda ! 
Seriously my body has been tightening up majorly & I owe a lot of credit to yoga sculpt. 

If you want to try it for yourself watch this video I made. I used a lot of workouts that I learned from my yoga sculpt class– try it at anywhere !

I’m off to work! 

Tonight you’ll catch me binge watching the mindy project & eating tacos at home. 

Hope everyone has a super fun St Patricks day! 

What did you workout today? 




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