SHIT HAPPENS. Here’s what to do next:


Shit happens.

Every single day, 24-7.

Plans change , people change , YOU will change.

So as important as it is to plan things & do your best,

once in a while shit is going to happen and you’re going to have to make a 360 turn & it’s going to feel like you lost… Orrrrrr maybe you will be a badass about it and roll with the punches. (??)


All I am saying is that what you PLAN to happen isn’t the real thing so why do most people FREAK out when shit doesn’t go their way?

Maybe their way was stupid & would have been AWFUL if it were to happen.

Life has our back. Think back to a time where something DRASTICALLY changed for you… Did anything good come from it?


If my life would have gone my way I would be living in southern California, probably be a complete party girl, & who knows the rest…

Well, shit didn’t go my way.

My parents divorced , my brother died, my parents became drug addicts & had NO money, so guess what?

I had to figure it out. At 12 years old I grew up into a complete ADULT.

I literally started my period at one point and had NO ONE to teach me what to do.


When my brother died, I was the only one who was able to calmly explain to the officers what went down.


Let’s just say, at 12 years old I learned how to roll with the effing punches.

At 15 years old I had a job, paid for all my own bills, and helped raise a child.

NO WAY was I anyway perfect at it all, most of the time I had a raging attitude & girls wanted to fight me at school.

With time I was able to COMPLETELY roll with the punches.

I realized

life is going to knock you on your ass.


if you choose to cop an attitude with life about the cards you are dealt it’s going to sock you TEN times harder.

If you choose to roll with the punches life will KISS you & give you what you need.

I will NEVER say my life sucks, because it doesn’t.

Often I get sad, embarrassed, crazy, cop an attitude but I do not let that last very long because if I do life is going to come and sock me in the face with more issues that frankly I DON’T have time for.

Remember that everything is temporary– bad news & good news, right?

Your mood, circumstances, house, bank account balance, friends, job, etc is all temporary.

Of course the harder we work the better it will become and the longer it will last but at the end of the day it isn’t going to the grave with ya.

This is definitely more of a mental health tip today but please remember to forget about your looks/body for a second,

forget about your “plans”,

forget about your phone,

forget about your job because

nothing is promised and everything is temporary.

So enjoy the good moments , don’t dwell in the bad moments & be thankful for EVERYTHING.

Once you have that down you can stop taking everything so SERIOUSLY & roll with the punches.

It’s an important tip.


3 thoughts on “SHIT HAPPENS. Here’s what to do next:

  1. Cheryl Ziegler says:

    I read this particular blog OFTEN! As your followers say, ‘you DO inspire’! So proud and extremely BLESSED to have you and Jayson to whom I can be yo Grannie. Always keep it up and together.


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