Fit Tips For The Sedentary Days

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

It’s amazing to me that only a handful of us use some of the hours to BETTER themselves.

Today I’m giving you a few simple tips to use your 24 hours a bit better than the average.

❤ ❤ ❤



Typically, we spend so much of our day in a car or sitting at a desk. Something I like to do when I’m driving is to flex my core at every red light for a minute or two. Doing this has MAJOR benefits like : strengthening your core, endurance, helping posture, and can help eliminate back pain caused by poor posture.

You know how many of us have awful posture?! TOO many. Taking note of that now can save us major issues later on in life. Frequently checking in on my posture while driving and sitting at work helps me remember to use my entire chair , sit back , roll my shoulders back & protect my spine. SO IMPORTANT !! buh-byeeeee back pain / dodging that bullet.


I knowwwwwwwwwww most of us watch tv. Rather than giving it up 100% there are some things you can do to help yourself out while enjoying your favorite show.

I love to stretch & foam roll while watching tv. Foam rolling helps reduce muscle soreness/pain and relieves a lot of lactic acid. It’s really important , especially when you workout, to roll out your muscles and release all that acid. HELP YOUR MUSCLES ! ❤ Foam rollers are super affordable too ( I love to just lay on my foam roller and roll out my entire body from neck to calves. Watch this video on tips to foam rolling from one of my favorite fitness guru’s Whitney Simmons here (soso helpful)!

I also like to stretch AFTER I foam roll. I like to stretch after I foam roll because I released all that lactic acid and my muscles are ready to STRETCH. I’m very thankful to be able to practice yoga because I have learned a TON of stretches for basically every body part !

I make sure to stretch my core (if ya don’t you are missing major AB gains!):

I like to stretch my legs:



You get it!

I even stretch as much as possible at work! If you have a job where you are sitting a lot, try to get up every hour and take a short walk, stretch your legs, take deep breaths, and simply just check in with yourself. (Esp check that posture!!!!!!!)

One last tippity tip to stay an active fit babe is to ALWAYS get some extra steps in. With all the rage with these smart watches people have I think this is becoming more & more popular (thank GOD!) but it’s important! Walk an extra 30 steps and park further away from work, take the stairs (maybe take them 3 times / up & down), take your dog on an extra walk, RUN to your next destination (clearly idgaf) & just be as active as you possibly can.

I want you all to live a long / happy / enjoyable life! ❤



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