Interview Series: Meet (the one, the only) Kelsey Dillon

Today is the SECOND interview I am having here on the blog. ❤
I am interviewing Kelsey Dillon today.
If you watch my youtube videos you have met Kelsey.
She is a fitness bombshell & the SWEETEST human being you will ever meet. Kelsey is that small southern bell that’s deadlifting more than your boyfriend. FITNESS NUT !!!!
You know those people you meet that you just can’t help laughing at because they are so silly? That’s also Kels.
She’s my #1 travel buddy, gym partner, & she helps me with my youtube videos!!
Kelsey is always laughing, always finding the positive in everything, & hitting the gym HARD nearly every single day.
She’s probably one of the most dedicated gym junkies I know which is exactly why I wanted to bring her on here for you to meet more personally.
If I am ever lacking motivation to go workout I give Kelsey a call to give me a pep talk or she’ll send me funny snapchat videos YELLING at me to get my ass in the gym… LOL.
She’s A LOT of fun. ❤
Stay tuned to read our interview / get to know Kelsey & she gives some awesome tips on getting MOTIVATED. Which I know we can all use.
❤ _________________ ❤
Greenjuiceandyogapants: Introduce yourself , how did you get so involved in health & fitness?
Kelsey: Hi!!! I am kelsey. I live in Yuba City, it’s a small town… yes I know… but thankfully that is part of the reason behind my fitness journey. I moved here when I was a junior in high school and pretty much had nothing else to do in this god forsaken town, so I submerged myself with fitness! There was much more going on in my life at the time, but for now we will just leave it at that. So there I was, 17 years old slowly turning into a gym rat and creating healthy habits to blow off steam and remain CALM.  Three years later.. here I am, a FITNESS NUT!! And couldn’t be happier!
Greenjuiceandyogapants: What are your favorite workouts?
Kelsey: My favorite exercises vary from day to day depending on what muscle group I am exercising.
For example, my favorite lower exercise is either deadlifts or squats.
For upper body, I am starting to like pull ups more and more (as I grow capable of actually DOING them)
For core, crunches/ planks. They suck at the time, but for me, they get the job done.
The list of exercises I prefer goes on and on!! My biggest tip of all time, is to CONSTANTLY change of your exercise routine. I didn’t start seeing awesome results until I confused my muscles and pushed them to their limits differently WEEKLY!
Greenjuiceandyogapants: How do you stay motivated? Even on your “ugh” days.
Kelsey: One of the biggest form of self motivation for me is imagining myself in the future if I didn’t skip the gym today. I picture myself yolked with muscles I can only dream of.. and that pretty much gets my booty in the gym EVERY DAY! I just get too excited knowing that there is NO LIMIT to my physique, so why not see what this baby is capable of!
Another feeling I always pay attention too is how I feel after a hard workout. I’ll go to the gym some days DREADING cardio and lifting. But, I force myself to.. and the way I feel AFTER is wonderful and confident. Nothing like it.
Greenjuiceandyogapants: Where can someone find you on your day off?
Kelsey: Well, if I have a day off and it’s good weather, y’all can find me in SF, Tahoe, or exploring grass valley. I love NATURE! Get outside guys, soothes the soul.
Greenjuiceandyogapants: If you can give someone who is just starting their fitness journey/loving themselves a tip , what would you say to them?
Kelsey: Always remember to never give up on yourself. No one will push you as hard as YOU will push you. Us humans are filled with potential, find out what you can do and BEAST MODE IT!! See how great you can become
Greenjuiceandyogapants: What is your favorite “cheat meal”?
Kelsey: Favorite cheat meal is Nutella crepes with strawberries! I could eat an astonishing amount of  those…. everyday probably… and never get tired of their extreme deliciousness.
❤ ____________________ ❤
Kelsey can motivate just about anyone !!
If you aren’t already follow her on insta @fitnutkels ❤
Thanks for reading.

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