I interviewed Amanda , pilates instructor, last week .

This week, I asked her for a workout I can do at home & she whipped up one for me to do & she delivered alright– it KILLED me.

Only took me 20ish minutes to complete really worked all my muscles.

The beautiful thing about this workout is

1 . it can be done at HOME

2. consits of very low reps

The workouts here only involved about 5-10 reps , so I did each workout very SLOW. If you haven’t quite mastered the “mind muscle connection” this is your chance to start getting real familiar.

By taking each workout very SLOW & CONTROLLED you will really start to SCULPT your body to sexy/strong — what we all want.

(Of course you still want to incorporate high intesity workouts as well– balance of everything!!)

I completed this workout yesterday morning and today my triceps , abs , AND LEGS are very sore.


Please enjoy this workout yourself. ❤

Below I have attached the actual workout Amanda wrote for me & a video that you can follow along with me!



Get yo ass in shape workout by Pilates Instructor Amanda Frost:

Roll down to plank variations: (planks are a great way to warm up core, and breath. Cue pulling belly in, shoulders down and make sure you breathe!!!)

– start standing. tuck chin towards chest, roll down through spine walk hands forward on floor to plank.

– do 10 mountain climbers (knees straight into chest). walk hands back to feet, and roll back up to start.

– Roll down again. Do crossing mtn climbers- knee to opp elbow. 10 reps. walk hands to feet and roll back up to start.

-roll down to plank. Spider man (same knee same elbow) 10 reps. roll back up.

– last one, roll down to plank and just hold for up to 1 min.

To make this nicer, do these on an incline. Hands or forearms on edge of couch, feet on floor. To make them harder, do the opposite.

  1. Lie on back for roll ups (another core challenge and breath challenge) Do 8 of these.

-lay on back, arms at sides and legs extended. reach arms above your head (biceps by ears) and as you exhale, tuck chin and sweep arms down as you lift the chest up to seated and stretch towards toes.

– You will want to try to keep your feet from lifting up off the floor but its HARD!

  1. Bridge ( warm up glutes, hamstrings)

– knees bent, feet on floor, lifting hips up and down (think shoulders back and flat to floor) squeezing glutes and abs

– do 10 lifts and pulse for 5-8reps.

– lift one leg to tabletop, and single legged bridge. 5 on each side.

– pull legs together as if you have one leg, lift hips and open and close knees while keeping hips high. 10 reps with knees, then pulse to finish.

If you want this HARDER. Put your feet on a roller… try that on for size!

  1. Abs- do 5 reps of each and do them SLOW with elbows wide.

– feet on floor and chest lift

-lift one leg to tabletop. switch for other leg.

-both legs to tabletop, and push lowback to mat.

-oblique twist, one knee bent and one leg out straight. 5 each side!

-extend legs to ceiling and chest lift while squeezing LOW belly in. Think below belly button pulling in.

  1. Triceps

– keep feet on floor same as for bridging, lift up onto your hands as you lift booty up. Tricep dips as many as you can! Shoulders down is important here.

  1. Lower body:

single leg lunge with knee tuck. 5 reps. add jump with knee tuck for 5 reps. other side.

curtsy lunge with knee tuck. add either jump or pulses.

sumo squat jump to regular squat. 10 reps.

30 seconds of jumping jacks.

to make this harder, hold onto weights. but keep abs tight! a lot of people arch the shit out of their back and hurt themselves when squatting.

  1. Upper body:

Inverted tricep pushups. Can use couch, wall… whatever. elbows bend towards ground.

chest pushups. elbows bend out wide.

reverse plank. can use same form as for tricep dips or can have legs straight and lift hips up. This is much harder than it looks!

Back work:

Lie on tummy, legs long and arms extended overhead. Put side of forearms on roller (just under elbow) palms facing in.

Gently press feet into floor as you lift chest up. arms stay straight and roller moves towards you slightly. Try to pull belly off or away from floor. This should be felt in upper back not in lower back. (I can send you a video if you want)

Hold up and swim legs with straight legs.

For more challenging version. Add on: one forearm on roller, other hand underneath forehead elbow out wide. When you lift chest off floor, peek under the elbow. Don’t let hips come off of floor or lean to one side.

Do all of this 2x through. be sweatin’!


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